Will vaping smoke alarms alarm?

Generally speaking, the current small cigarettes will not trigger the smoke alarm unless you spit at the smoke alarm, but it is still recommended that you open the window when you smoke electronic cigarettes, which will be much better.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, if several bongs are not smoking in a closed room, the smoke alarm will not be triggered. However, if there are a large number of smokers and they do not pay attention to ventilation, there is a chance that it will be triggered.

In addition, there is now a special smoking alarm, which is very sensitive to smoke. As long as someone smokes, it will be found and an alarm will sound. Whether the e-cigarette gives an alarm or not mainly depends on a threshold setting of the smoke alarm. The smoke sensor will detect the smoke concentration in the environment, and it will alarm when the threshold is reached.

Of course, the sensitivity on the high-speed rail is relatively high, and the ventilation is not smooth, so basically smoking a cigarette will trigger the smoke alarm, and the ordinary alarm at home, as long as you don’t come to smoke, basically will call the police.

To sum up, smoking electronic cigarettes generally does not trigger smoke alarms, because ordinary indoor smoke alarms are not so sensitive and require a certain smoke concentration to trigger, but those on high-speed rail planes are more sensitive. Yes, it’s easy to trigger.

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