Will a disposable electronic cigarette explode if it gets into water?

The case of disposable electronic cigarettes getting water is still very common. Many users contact the after-sales to ask whether my electronic cigarette can be replaced with a new one. At this time, the after-sales will usually tell you that it is not possible. This does not belong to the scope of after-sales, then we will Very distressed.

Will a disposable electronic cigarette explode if it gets into water?

 The disposable electronic cigarette will not explode if it gets into the water, but the rod may be damaged, and then it cannot be used. Of course, it is also possible that the water can continue to be used.

 If it falls into the water, it is found that it cannot be used after being picked up. Generally, there are three situations:

 1. The air microphone head is broken, malfunctioning and cannot be started

 2. The power connection is short-circuited, and no power is provided to let the pod atomize and emit smoke

 3. The pod is broken and has an internal short circuit, and it cannot be atomized if it is put on several normal working cigarette rods.

 If the disposable electronic cigarette enters the water, you can first dry the surface moisture, and then dry the internal moisture of the product. It is best if the disposable electronic cigarette can be disassembled. Carefully blow small water droplets with a hair dryer at the groove.

 At this time, your disposable electronic cigarette is generally ready to use, but there is also a possibility that the circuit board has been burned out when the water first entered, or the rescue is invalid due to the rust, oxidation of the pins of the electronic components, the expansion and damage of the battery in the water. At this time, only a new cigarette rod can be replaced.

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