Why does your e-cigarette have no taste?

Why do e-cigarettes have no taste? How to solve?

Friends often ask me:

Why does my electronic cigarette only have a cool taste when I smoke it, and I can’t feel other tastes?” 

“Why do e-cigarettes and oil cartridges lose their taste the more they are smoked for a few days?”


There are two dimensions to answering this question. Friends who have similar experiences may wish to sit down and find out why.

A. Physiological reasons

B. Reasons for the atomizing core

A. Physiological reasons

(1) The taste cycle of a day

A lot of the consulting cases I’ve been exposed to take place in the afternoon. Much of the reason comes down to the taste cycle of a person’s day. Our most sensitive time is in the morning. After getting up in the morning, getting enough rest, and cleaning the mouth, the sense of taste is very sensitive. For example, if I smell smoke in the morning, I resist. Taste sensitivity gradually decays over the course of the day. The wine tasting time of well-known wine tasters is generally concentrated at 10 am.



This is also why we generally can’t eat spicy food such as Mala Tang for breakfast, and we have an increasing demand for spicy food for dinner or supper.

Correspondingly, from afternoon to evening, we are more and more indifferent to the aroma of electronic cigarette oil.

Therefore, friends who find that the e-liquid tastes weak in the afternoon or evening are advised to get up and try again the next morning. The answer is often self-evident.

(2) Other factors that affect taste

Physical fatigue or discomfort often reduces our perception of taste. for example:

· After staying up late, the electronic cigarette will feel tasteless the next day.

· Getting angry leads to the deposition of tongue coating, which affects the perception of taste.

· During or after a cold, our experience of taste is impaired.

· After smoking and drinking too much or eating heavy-tasting food, our spirits are very excited, but our bodies are very tired, resulting in a weakened sense of taste.



According to statistics, most of the cases of smoking e-cigarettes that do not smoke are attributed to physical exhaustion.

Stay up late and drink more water, young man.

(3) Taste fatigue

Using one e-liquid flavor for a long time can lead to taste fatigue of a single flavor.

When it comes to using e-liquid, everyone has their own favorite flavor, but choosing e-liquid is not a target. Occasionally changing flavors will not bring any moral baggage.


B. Reasons for the atomizing core

(1) If you are a punch oil pie

The original pod can be punched and filled with oil for reuse.

Although punching and filling will save the cost of pods, it does not mean that the experience of punching and filling is the best.


This is because the original pods are generally designed with a one-time atomizing core, and the atomizing core has been seriously aged during the secondary oil filling, which greatly reduces the reduction degree of the flavor of the e-liquid, which affects the taste.

Therefore, the original pods are generally punched and filled with oil no more than 3 times.

Therefore, users who punch and inject oil often may not feel the original taste of the e-liquid at the beginning. In addition, the taste of the previous pod flavor is greatly reduced.

(2) If you are using other inferior blanks Although the wild-type empty bombs on the market look similar, the core technology lies in the atomization core, and the difference between the atomization cores cannot be seen from the outside. Most of the cheap generic RELX and grapefruit empty bombs on the market use the atomizer cores that are to be cleaned in the factory.



Because the production of atomizing cores is an industry with a high rate of defective products, a batch of cores is burned out and the cores are selected for use by big brands, and other cores were previously destroyed as garbage.

Well now, there is a demand for low-priced empty bombs in the market, these cores will not be wasted, and selling them cheap is also money.

The cheap atomizing cores lead to problems such as poor taste, oil leakage, and sticky cores, which will directly lead to a decrease in the taste of e-juice.

(3) Buy the most expensive empty ammunition you can afford

The ceramic core technology has gone through the stages of NK1.0 and NK2.0. The latest is the ceramic core technology of NK3.0. The core has a high taste and is more durable.

Now, whether it is a big brand or other wildcard blanks on the market, most of them still use NK1.0 technology. The only difference is that the big brands use high-quality cores, and the cheap wildcard blanks use inferior quality. product core.

Although the ceramic core technology of NK3.0 is said, the core has a high taste and is more durable. However, it does not mean that the problem of taste attenuation will not occur. The reasons for the taste attenuation of the atomizing core are as follows:

After repeated use, the aging of the atomizing core is irreversible.

For example, some users have used an empty cartridge seven or eight times, then the atomizing core has been seriously aged, and the reduction of the taste of e-liquid is naturally not as good as before. If your empty cartridges are filled with oil many times and you want to try to restore the taste, you can refer to the following tips.

Step 1: Open the pod plug, wrap it with a paper towel, and try to get rid of the dark residual oil in the pod.

Step 2: Point the paper towel again, put it into the empty bomb to absorb the residual oil, and then re-fill it for use.

Key point 1: The first oil injection did not stand for ten minutes, which caused the core to stick to the core.

The empty ceramic core is dry when it leaves the factory, so the first oil filling needs to be silent for ten minutes, so that the ceramic core is fully moistened before use, otherwise it is easy to burn the core, and once the core is burned, it will seriously affect the taste of the core to the e-juice. degree of restoration.

Point 2: Repeated and frequent suction without interruption, resulting in a paste core.

Some users have a bad habit of taking multiple puffs in a short period of time, causing the atomizing core to remain high temperature.


Summary: The above are all non-standard usage habits, which is not acceptable. Because every time you take a puff, the wetness of the core will be lower, and it takes 2-3 seconds to re-wet the core. If the core has not had time to fully moisten the core, take a sip, then the core is easy to dry and burn and cause the core to stick. Once the core is pasted, the reduction degree of the atomization core to the taste of e-liquid will be further reduced. Therefore, the suction should be taken slowly, and there should be at least three or five seconds between the number of mouths. Find a good method and develop good habits, not only the taste experience is good, but the most important thing is to save money.


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