Why do e-cigarettes have a sticky smell?

The burnt smell of electronic cigarettes is mainly related to the atomizing core, which is generally solved around the “contact surface between the atomizing core and the liquid”.

The electronic cigarette has a burnt smell, and the test time generally takes more than 1 day to explain the problem; in many cases, the burnt smell will disappear automatically the next day, and it is normal to occasionally have a burnt smell.

  1. There are air bubbles in the atomizing core, making it difficult for the liquid to enter.

Solution: Take a couple of strong puffs, then exhale the charred smoke, shake the mouthpiece down a few times to remove air bubbles, let it sit for a while and try again.

  1. The rope of individual atomizing core is too thick, which causes the liquid to enter the atomizing core too slowly.

Solution: Just replace the atomizing core.

  1. The newly replaced atomizing core has a burnt smell.

Solution: Put the newly replaced atomizing core on the e-liquid, lay it flat for a few minutes before using it, and exhale the first 10 puffs of smoke when using it.

  1. There is too little e-liquid in the atomization chamber, resulting in dry burning.

Solution: Usually pay attention to keep the e-juice not less than 1/3, and always keep the root of the atomizing core moistened by the e-liquid when smoking.

  1. The atomizing core has been used for too long and its life has expired.

(lifetime depends on normal maintenance)

Solution: Just replace the atomizing core.

  1. Personal taste problems lead to different e-liquid experience.

Some users experience a burning sensation when inhaling certain flavors.

Solution: try changing the flavor of the e-juice

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