Why can the atomizer affect the taste of e-liquid? The relationship between the taste of electronic cigarette and e-liquid

Why can the atomizer affect the taste of e-liquid? The relationship between the taste of electronic cigarette and e-liquid

Anyone who likes to play with atomizers and e-liquids knows that the quality of the atomizer can completely affect the taste of the entire e-liquid, and even improper use of the atomizer can cause deviations in the taste of e-liquid. So many new players not only have to learn how to choose an atomizer and e-liquid, but also how to use an atomizer, and not every atomizer can be suitable for any e-liquid! Why can an atomizer affect the taste of e-liquid? What? What is the relationship between the atomizer and e-liquid?

The structure of the electronic cigarette atomizer is different, the concentration and temperature of the atomization are different, and the taste will be different. The physical structure of the atomizer itself can change the taste of the e-juice, so some people use different atomizers to extract different tastes.

There are different types of atomizers to try. The large warehouse has a large atomization space, so the smoke will be light and soft, but if the warehouse is small, the atomization will be insufficient and it will be violent.

There is also a ceramic warehouse, which will give you a perfect feeling. The ceramic one is indeed stronger in taste than the metal one.

The taste of the e-liquid drawn by different atomizers will be different. The atomization effect of the atomizer is different, so the taste is also different. It is necessary to choose the appropriate battery and the appropriate atomizer to give full play to the atomizer. Effect. It is recommended to choose a relatively high-quality atomizer when you can buy an atomizer to get a better taste experience. In addition, the atomizer should be checked and replaced frequently with the atomizing core or heating wire.

Self-made atomizers can achieve great smoke and taste through self-made resistance wire cores and oil-conducting materials, and most of the self-made atomizers have good oil-conducting effect, so self-made atomization on mechanical cigarette rods The device can play a strong structural superiority and atomization performance.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of atomizers on the market, and there are more and more styles of e-liquid, so when you choose an atomizer and e-liquid, you must choose the matching ones, so as to avoid unnecessary losses to yourself. !

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