Which is healthier, e-cigarette or hookah?

I believe that many users have encountered the question of which is healthier between electronic cigarettes and hookahs. They do not know what to do for a while, and it is difficult to find the answer on the Internet. It is really a headache, so today this website brings you Some answers, I hope to answer your doubts.

Previous studies have shown that smoking causes endothelial dysfunction and vascular damage. Long-term exposure to tobacco smoke impairs acetylcholine-dependent vasodilation and coronary blood flow, which is associated with elevated plasma cholesterol levels. Overall, cigarettes are more harmful than e-cigarettes, the team found. However, there are insufficient data on the effects of hookah and e-cigarettes on endothelial dysfunction. The long-term effects of hookahs and e-cigarettes require more in-depth research, the researchers said. At the same time, they write that “shisha is as harmful as cigarettes and therefore cannot be considered a healthy alternative”.

These studies provided evidence for the harmfulness of each of the three types of cigarettes. Compared with non-smokers, cigarettes increased the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by 704%, hookahs by 218%, and e-cigarettes by 194%; cigarettes and hookahs increased the risk of lung cancer by 1210% and 122%, respectively. There are insufficient data on smoke to draw reliable conclusions.

They also looked at the effects of three types of cigarette smoke on arterial stiffness, an important prognostic indicator of heart disease and stroke risk. Compared with non-smokers, cigarettes increased the risk of arteriosclerosis by 10%, hookah by 9%, and e-cigarettes by 7%.

On the whole, the harm of e-cigarettes and hookahs is almost the same, and then the harm of cigarettes is the greatest.

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