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Description of raw materials for making electronic cigarette oil

The objects needed to make electronic cigarettes are distinguished by hardware and software. Hardware is equipment, and software is the raw material to be made into electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette raw materials:

VG – vegetable glycerin chemical name is glycerin, commonly known as vegetable glycerin, commonly known as glycerin, the boiling point is 290 degrees. The chemical properties are alcoholic, with high density and high water absorption. Glycerol is a colorless, odorless and sweet viscous liquid. It is highly water-based. When glycerin comes into contact with the skin, it will quickly absorb the water on the surface, so long-term direct contact may cause the skin to appear dry. Its high density and cohesion feel like oil, but the truth is not oil, but alcohol. The characteristics of alcohol make most organisms unable to survive in it, but it will still expire. Generally, the validity period of food is 1-2 years. Because of its water retention, it is widely used in industry, medicine, food, such as bread, biscuits, tobacco, toothpaste, antifreeze, etc.

In the application of electronic cigarettes, the main purpose is to produce smoke, but the oil guide is poor. There are insufficient clinical reports that glycerin can cause allergy. Because of its high density and cohesion, it is not suitable as a carrier for flavors, so VG-based flavors are rarely seen on the market.

PG – Propylene glycol The chemical name is 1-2 propylene glycol, usually directly called two glycols, and the boiling point is 188 degrees. The chemical property is alcoholic, and it also has high density and high water absorption. Propylene glycol is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid with a bitter taste. It is lower in density than glycerin, but still retains the characteristics of alcohol. Because the density is closer to water, it is easier to become the carrier of other flavor substances, and the validity period is about 1-2 years.

In the application of electronic cigarettes, it is mainly used as a carrier of flavors and additives, and provides a small amount of throat hit, and has better oil conductivity. Medical clinical reports have confirmed that a very small number of people have allergic reactions to PG. There are many kinds of allergic reactions, which will not be described in detail here, but many people will be sensitive to PG. Sensitivity and allergy are different. The most direct example is Some people think that a certain e-liquid will squeak or sting in the throat, but others will not. This is because that person is sensitive to a certain ingredient in the e-liquid, but not allergic. Drinking warm water before use or reducing imported irritants can improve

PD – The chemical name is 1-3 propylene glycol, which is extracted from corn, commonly known as corn two glycol, English abbreviation PD, and its characteristics are similar to propylene glycol. As far as Xiaoke understands PD, there is not much proof that it can replace PG. There is no proof of use by relevant units on food or food additives. Based on the above reasons, Xiaoke will not recommend the use of PD to replace PG. The most direct way is when the food industry starts to use PD to replace PG, then we can use it on electronic cigarettes.

Flavor – divided into natural flavor, semi-artificial natural flavor, artificial flavor. There are many flavors, and there is still a big gap between the flavors of the same flavor due to different brands. Most are PG carriers, but there are not many on the market. Because the temperature of the heating wire of the electronic cigarette is very high when it is fired, it is very important that the essence can withstand high temperature without deterioration. Fragrance is a volatile substance, so the time when the fragrance is in contact with the air needs to be strongly paid attention to. Due to the difference in essence and strength of flavors in the application of electronic cigarettes, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of each flavor, temperature intensity, and mix in proportion, otherwise they will compete with each other and taste will easily occur. The variables are higher for each additional flavor, so the more flavors the harder it is to make.

Most of the flavors are made of extracts and then add a variety of necessary additives, because the source of all the ingredients is important, and a quality flavor is one of the most important components that determines the success or failure of e-liquid. The price of the essence is affected by the source of the ingredients. For example, the price of the essence produced in Japan and South Korea is different, so the essence of different brands will have different price differences.

Additives – There are many kinds of additives, which correspond to different tastes and functions. Most of the additives can be metabolized by the human body when used in small amounts. When used properly, they can increase the flavor level of the essence and stabilize the aroma. Because the concentration and purity of each additive are different, it should not be adjusted in a common ratio, which may cause excessive use.

Most of the sweeteners are sucralose – about 600 times that of sucrose, which is currently used in most e-liquids on the market. Due to the different tastes of each person, the use can be modified at will without affecting the taste of the essence, but excessive use will cause nausea due to excessive sweetness. Excessive use of sweeteners can also cause a lot of carbon buildup.

Cooling agents  are mostly substances similar to menthyl lactate or cooler than mint. There are many kinds of cooling agents that can be used in electronic cigarettes. The difference is not only the cooling degree, but also the cooling position. When used in small amounts, it acts as a throat-smoothing agent to reduce throat hit and discomfort. Extensive use can express cooling, but it can also reduce taste and smell sensitivity. The cooling agent has a proportional effect on carbon deposition, so it should also be controlled in use. Ethyl maltol  maltose flavor, sweet, but not used as sweetness, mostly used in fruit flavors. If there is ethyl maltol in the electronic cigarette oil, it is normal that it will turn red in contact with iron for a long time, so it will cause the cotton to change color. Ethyl mainly enhances the main fragrance and binds the fragrance. It is basically a necessary ingredient, but it should be noted that excessive use will make the main fragrance too strong, and extremes will reverse.

Vanillin Vanilla flavor, the main function is to enhance the aroma and extend the aroma, most of them are used in vanilla flavor flavors, but also suitable for milk flavor, some nut flavors, and a small amount of vanillin is also used in traditional cigarette manufacturing. Improve the taste, but pay attention to the amount, excessive use will affect the main taste.

Acetylpyrazine  is similar to the taste of popcorn, and its main function is to enhance the aroma and extend the aroma. It is mostly used in nuts, but also for vanilla and milk flavors. It is also used in traditional cigarette manufacturing.

Didealdehyde ethanol  This thing is very similar to alcohol, but because there are two less molecules, it volatilizes quickly when heated. It has two functions. One is that it is like filling a small seam, so that PG, VG, essence, diced and other substances can be better combined, but it does not mean that it accelerates aging. There is a difference.

Second, because it is easy to be heated, after the finished product is completed, the heating speed of the oil will be accelerated when it is fired, which can make the essence heat up more quickly, and the effect will be obvious on some milky or semi-oily essences, making the essence. can come up at the same time.

PS: This additive needs at least 5%, but it can not be calculated in the whole, and it is not suitable for putting it before heating. It is suitable for stirring after the hot water is added and then stirring, and then do not reheat.

Citric acid, malic acid A rather sour antioxidant that adds a layer of sweetness. Because e-cigarettes are PG and VG substances, bacteria are not easy to survive, so the inhibitory effect of these two substances should not be discussed. Although it is a sour substance and does not provide a sour taste, it can make the smoke produced by electronic cigarettes full of satiety and layers of smoke.

Citric acid and malic acid have been suggested to corrode the plastic warehouse cover. After in-depth understanding, it is found that it is not corrosion, but is released by some plastic materials, resulting in a decrease in the hardness of the warehouse cover.

Both citric acid and malic acid have their own functions and cannot replace each other.

Malic acid If you just want to make the sweetness layered, a small amount of malic acid is very suitable, but it should not be used in large quantities, because a large amount of malic acid will produce a bitter taste.

Citric acid If you want to have a sweet taste, citric acid is a must, but the amount used must be more, 10% is acceptable, or even more, but it is easy to deposit carbon when used in large quantities, so you need to pay attention.

Caffeine  This is not an additive, it can only be regarded as a raw material at most. The use of caffeine originated from a group of colleagues in Hong Kong who tried adding high-purity caffeine to the oil-making process, trying to replace Ding, but the results were not satisfactory.

Because of its characteristics, powdered caffeine cannot be made into a high-concentration base first. If the base liquid is made from PG, it will become jelly-like, which is not suitable for us. In other words, it cannot be put in a large amount when using it. Personal experience, about 0.1g-0.5g in 30ml, if there is agglomeration or jelly, it means that the dose is too much.

The method of use is to directly add the required caffeine before adding VG, and then stir it, but the jelly does not appear immediately, but is caused by the penetration of caffeine over time, slowly absorbing PG and then swelling, about approx. It will take a day to generate, so don’t think that you will keep adding it without adding jelly.

The method of use is to directly add the required caffeine before adding VG, and then stir it, but the jelly does not appear immediately, but is caused by the penetration of caffeine over time, slowly absorbing PG and then swelling, about approx. It will take a day to generate, so don’t think that you will keep adding it without adding jelly.

The effect of using it can only be said to vary from person to person. Xiaoke himself has been accustomed to having at least one cup of coffee every day since he entered medical school, so I can’t feel it at all, but as far as I know, some people There will be a similar feeling after drinking coffee, but I can only say that caffeine really has to be tried by myself.

Although there are many different brands of the above raw materials on the market, there are differences in actual production, some are for food, some are for cosmetics, and some are for industrial use. The way of use should be paid attention to. It is a wrong behavior to use raw materials for cosmetics and industrial use in electronic cigarettes. Unfortunately, this is the current situation. You should have the concept of protecting yourself and consider the legitimacy of the use of raw materials.

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