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Core tip: Which brand of e-cigarette is better? Since 2018, domestic pod pod vape brands have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. In the face of so many e-cigarette brands, domestic players have made it difficult to choose, and do not know how to choose. I have tried a lot of domestic electricity

E-cigaretteWhich brand is better? Since 2018, domestic reloadable small cigarette brands have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. In the face of so many e-cigarette brands, domestic players have made it difficult to choose and do not know how to choose. The editor has tried many domestic electronic cigarette brands. Today, I would like to introduce some well-known brands for your reference.

The author concludes that a brand is good or bad, mainly from three aspects. 1. Brand awareness. 2. Product popularity. 3. Cost-effective for later use.

First of all, I think the popularity of the brand is very important, because if the popularity is sufficient, the products of the brand should be more reliable. After all, the products with higher popularity can be used with confidence. In the final analysis, the current domestic electronic cigarette market abounds, and all cats and dogs want to get a share of the pie, which leads to a lot of money Small workshops also produce electronic cigarettes.

Many news such as electronic cigarettes adding unknown ingredients, causing electronic cigarette sticks to explode are the masterpieces of these small workshops. Regular products will be tested on the right track before they leave the factory and enter the market, while some small workshops directly enter the market.

The following will introduce you to three brands, which are also the top three brands in the domestic e-cigarette market. (No need to care about the order, they are all relatively good brands)

RELX This brand, I believe many friends who have used electronic cigarettes know it. The brand awareness is relatively high, and there are currently five generations of products. The first time I tried a refillable electronic cigarette, it started with its generation. At that time, the first generation was already a good product in the industry, and the taste and taste of pods were also good. In general, it is a very good brand, but the product cost-effectiveness is higher than other brands.

YOOZ The brand is a dark horse, and the original YOOZ generation products have no bright spots. Relying on the relatively low price, it has also absorbed a large number of players to try. YOOZ is also the second electronic cigarette that I tried, and the second generation was launched later. The performance is increased by 60%, and the intelligent vibration and the Ye Nian of the battery display are added. It also established the second place in the electronic cigarette market. When used, the taste is good, there are more than 40 flavors, and the flavor update speed is also very fast. For example, the recent new Cuban flavor is the restored cigar flavor. The flavors of cigars currently on the market are rare, so YOOZ users have a good time. The second generation of YOOZ has more than 70 colors, so that friends who are picky about the color of the cigarette rod have more choices. In addition, the fifth generation of YOOZ is listed again, mainly targeting business people, adding features such as unlimited charging and dust caps.

The Magic Flute brand is also one of the earliest e-cigarettes. When I went to try his brand, there was only one generation of products at that time. At that time, the nicotine content of the magic flute generation cartridge was 5%, which was more addictive for old smokers. Subsequent products have more innovations. The Magic Flute s has added a rampant mode (the amount of smoke in the rampant mode is increased), and the new Magic Flute “Big Devil” Magic Flute Pro host also has a display screen, which supports two types of suction. The Magic Flute brand redefines the category of e-cigarettes with two products. So that the reloading of electronic cigarettes can also be so fun. The application experience is also good, with a particularly high-end feel. In terms of taste and taste, it is also one of the best brands in China.



The above 4 brands are all well-known in China and have a good brand reputation. They are also brands that Xiaobian knows very well. So let me introduce to you, if you are new to e-cigarettes and don’t know how to choose, you can also refer to it

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