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Many people love the vape, but there are still many countries that are wary of vaping. So what countries are there? With the popularity of electronic cigarettes, the question of which is more harmful between electronic cigarettes and real cigarettes is still very hazy, because some electronic cigarettes are more toxic due to the behavior of some illegal traders, so many countries have banned electronic cigarettes cigarettes, and e-cigarettes are banned in Hong Kong.

After Marlboro’s new packaging publicly supported e-cigarettes, another piece of good news came from the Vapor circle. The editor just learned from Ta Kung Pao that a few days ago, some scholars have called on the Hong Kong government to lift the ban on electronic cigarettes.

Not long ago, the Hong Kong government proposed legislation to completely ban e-cigarettes, but a new study in the UK shows that e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional tobacco. Therefore, some scholars suggest that the Hong Kong government can regulate electronic cigarettes through legislation, and there is no need for a complete ban on sales.



Singapore has a very strict policy on e-cigarettes. Singapore in December issued a two-phase ban on e-cigarette sales amid health concerns and fears that vaping could become fashionable to include non-smokers in the nicotine army. Singapore is “very serious” about breaking the law, but the vaping community still buys illegally online. However, many Singaporeans have given up on vaping altogether. Not only do they not want to break the law, but they also don’t want their health insurance records tainted with smoking.

Brazil – Banned

Brazil believes that there is not enough evidence to support the public health benefits of e-cigarettes, so they ban the sale of e-cigarettes nationwide because they do not want the phenomenon to become entrenched. Brazil fears that e-cigarettes will have serious health effects, just like smoking, and that future governments will find it difficult to control the entrenched industry. Oddly, regular cigarettes are relatively common in Brazil.


Hong Kong – Prohibited (if containing nicotine)

In Hong Kong, nicotine is classified as a poison, and anyone selling or using it can face heavy fines and even jail time of up to two years. However, nicotine-free e-cigarettes are completely legal. This creates some policing issues because it’s hard to tell at a glance whether someone’s vaping contains nicotine. While the sale of nicotine vapor products is banned, it is likely that many Hong Kongers still obtain them illegally.

According to the website of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Hong Kong Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man stated on March 30, 2015 that he initially accepted the recommendation of the Smoking and Health Committee to completely ban e-cigarettes, but the specific legislative details, including how to define e-cigarettes, etc. Further careful research is required.

In Hong Kong, nicotine is classified as a poison, and anyone selling or using it can face heavy fines and even jail time of up to two years. However, nicotine-free e-cigarettes are completely legal. This has created some policing issues, as it is difficult to know at a glance whether someone’s vaping contains nicotine, so Hong Kong banned vaping.

Canada – complicated situation…

The sale of nicotine-containing e-liquids is strictly prohibited in Canada. In theory, this makes the sale, purchase and use of nicotine vapor products illegal. However, this is rarely regulated, and many Canadians use nicotine vaping recklessly. Aside from this legal detail, vaping is reasonably unregulated in Canada, although that may change as vaping figures (and the world is watching it) rise.

Finland – Disapprove

Finland takes marketing issues very seriously. It recently liberalized its anti-tobacco sales regulations, which include e-cigarettes. While vaping itself isn’t illegal, you won’t see e-cigarette ads, or even stores, in Finland. Nicotine pods are also banned because nicotine is considered a prescription-only drug.

Denmark – Prescription Only

In Denmark, nicotine-free e-cigarettes are easily available. However, if you’re looking for nicotine, it’s only from a doctor. Denmark, like many countries, also reviews the health evidence on e-cigarettes and may tighten regulations if adverse information is received.

Estonia – Banned, then Legal

Estonia is an interesting case for vapers to follow. Estonia’s medical authorities initially issued a blanket ban on e-cigarettes, but this was overturned in court in 2013. Estonia reluctantly approves e-cigarettes, but insists nicotine cartridges remain a problem for medical authorities, and insists such things are only available on doctor’s prescription. They then imposed strict regulations on the size and strength of the pods. However, it all eased up quickly and Estonia has taken a more liberal view of vaping these days. Still, the advertising ban is in place, and if Estonia decides to follow the lead of vaping haters again, it won’t be long before this situation of relaxed vaping laws is reversed.

United States – subject to new regulations

As of recently, the FDA has put restrictions on vaping, which has been met with widespread protest from independent vape shops and those trying to quit smoking. Under the new FDA rules, anyone who wants to make or sell vaping products must register as a tobacco company with all health, safety, registration and tax registrations. The FDA insists it’s doing this to better deal with the vaping phenomenon, but small vaping companies point out that all these tedious procedures involved are expensive, time-consuming, and out of their reach.


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