Which brand of electronic cigarette is good? Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes

  1. No first-hand and second-hand smoke
  2. No bad smell, no tar
  3. No tobacco, no open flame, no soot
  4. It is easy to carry and can be used anytime, anywhere without embarrassment and guilt
  5. Lower cost than traditional cigarettes, will not stain teeth or damage skin
  6. The taste of electronic cigarettes is made by removing a variety of harmful ingredients in real cigarettes, and then adding honey and flavors. Therefore, the taste of cigarettes is slightly lighter, slightly sweet and slightly fragrant, and some smokers may not be used to it at first.
  7. The current offline market price of electronic cigarettes is relatively expensive, and the false price is very high.
  8. There is a lack of effective supervision of electronic cigarettes, which is popular in Europe and the United States, and relatively cold in China.
  9. Some manufacturers and sales companies have obviously exaggerated propaganda about e-cigarettes. For example, many people claim that e-cigarettes have the effect of clearing the lungs and poison, which is completely false propaganda. Science has proved that electronic cigarettes have no function of clearing the lungs at all. Electronic cigarettes only have the effect of replacing cigarettes and assisting smoking cessation.

First place: GS Green Yunda

Green Yunda official price inquiry, word-of-mouth evaluation: http://www.trrall.com/gs.html

Second place: JUKONG / Jiu Kang

Jiukang official price inquiry and word-of-mouth evaluation: http://www.trrall.com/jukong.html

Third place: DISCOVERY/Explore

Explore official price inquiry, word-of-mouth evaluation: http://www.trrall.com/discovery.html

Fourth place: Cigarettes

Yanci official price inquiry, word-of-mouth evaluation: http://www.trrall.com/yanci.html

Fifth place: CRLBar

Yikang official price inquiry, word-of-mouth evaluation: http://www.crlbar.com/yikang.html

  1. Smoke output: An excellent electronic cigarette design can ensure a large smoke output, and secondly, it can ensure the stability of the smoke output.
  2. Atomizer: An excellent electronic cigarette must have an excellent atomizer guarantee. Now the most advanced atomizer is a disposable atomizer cartridge, which has changed many disadvantages of the previous electronic cigarette.
  3. Battery: The battery is related to the atomizer, and liquid atomization requires a lot of energy, so the length of the battery life is a measure of whether an electronic cigarette is excellent.
  4. Appearance: The appearance is refreshing, the design is strict, and the workmanship is delicate, which can give people a pleasant feeling and help to quit smoking successfully.
  5. Taste: The current taste is mainly Chinese taste, and the taste is the defect of electronic cigarettes, but in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to electronic cigarettes in China. The taste is also closer to real cigarettes, and the mint flavor, flue-cured tobacco and fruit flavors are generally preferred by women.
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