Which air intake method of Tank is better? Comparative evaluation of three air intake methods of Tank

Anyone who has played e-cigarettes knows that there are three different ways of air intake in e-cigarette vaporizers, and each way achieves different effects. So when we filter atomizers, we must pay attention to the air intake method of the atomizer! Which of the three methods is better? How to choose an atomizer that suits you? Below we will use three different air intake atomizers Do an evaluation to see what are the advantages and disadvantages of the three air intake methods!

side air intake
Advantages: not easy to leak oil, easy to refuel, high playability, and large oil storage.

Disadvantages: To achieve a good taste, you need to use the internal structure of the atomizer or use an excellent heating wire.

To sum up, if you want to choose an oil-dropping atomizer with strong playability, changeable taste, and simple oil filling, then look at the side-intake atomizer, which will find the one you love. piece.

bottom intake
Advantages: The taste is easy to shape, and it is not particularly hot.

Disadvantages: easy to leak oil, condensate is easy to leak from the air inlet, refueling is more troublesome, the cabin space is narrower than the side air intake.

To sum up, if you want to choose an oil drop atomizer that is easy to shape the taste and does not particularly eat fancy silk, just look at the atomizer with air intake at the bottom.

top air intake
Advantages: high reliability, not easy to leak oil, no brain refueling.

Disadvantages: poor taste, difficult to shape the taste.

To sum up, there is no need to deliberately choose a dripping atomizer with pure top air intake, which is generally a pit.

From the comparison results, the three air intake methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is impossible to say which air intake method is better! However, some electronic cigarettes can already have three air intake methods at the same time, which is effectively improved. The trouble caused by the different air intake methods! Friends who have ideas, you can consider the atomizer with all three air intake methods!

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