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China’s e-cigarette industry has entered the era of compliance, and the pace of companies going overseas has become faster.


In 2021, the global e-cigarette market will reach 80 billion US dollars, and the domestic e-cigarette export scale will reach 138.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 180%. On June 15, the 2022 Electronic Cigarette Industry 6th Standardization Development Conference and the First Export Service Development Conference were held. The Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce released this set of data.


At the beginning of the birth of the electronics industry, it also experienced a period of brutal growth. In recent years, supervision has been continuously strengthened, and e-cigarettes have been integrated into the tobacco system for unified supervision. The “Measures for the Administration of Electronic Cigarettes” came into effect on May 1 this year, which explicitly prohibits the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes other than tobacco flavors. Mandatory national standards for e-cigarettes will be implemented from October 1 this year. The e-cigarette industry is facing a crucial test of compliance.


Yao Jide, chairman of the Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, said that the domestic vaping industry is in a critical period of opportunity, the market environment is gradually standardized, the industry standards are gradually clarified, the underlying technology is constantly innovating, and the vaping industry will continue to maintain the past good momentum in the export field. And may usher in a new round of growth.



Domestic e-cigarettes have been export-oriented since their birth, and overseas has always been the main battlefield of major e-cigarette companies. Shenzhen-based global atomization technology giant Smol International (06969.HK), its export revenue (direct and indirect exports) in 2021 will reach 9.082 billion yuan, accounting for 66% of its total revenue.

Shenzhen is the center of the e-cigarette industry. Lu Jixian, deputy director of Bao’an District Investment Promotion Agency, said at the conference that at present, more than 95% of the world’s electronic cigarette production and products come from China, 70% of China’s from Shenzhen, and more than 95% of Shenzhen from Bao’an. Bao’an is an important town in the electronic cigarette industry. In 2021, the output value of electronic cigarettes in the region will be 31.1 billion yuan, which is double that of 2020. There are 41 listed enterprises. At present, Baoan is committed to building a 100 billion-level electronic cigarette industry cluster. Ling Xiaolu, executive commissioner of Bao’an District Government, said that he hoped that vaping companies could continue to expand overseas markets.

Electronic cigarettes go overseas to speed up. The “Blue Book of Electronic Cigarette Industry Exports in 2022” (hereinafter referred to as “Blue Book”) released by the conference on the same day shows that there are more than 1,500 domestic electronic cigarette manufacturers and brand enterprises, and more than 70% of the enterprises mainly export their products overseas; China is expected to export electronic cigarettes this year. The scale reached 186.7 billion yuan, with an expected growth rate of 35%.

The Blue Book predicts that the global market will reach US$108 billion this year, of which US$25 billion in the first quarter; the US is expected to account for 58% of the export market, reaching US$73.3 billion, making it the largest market in the world, with the EU and the UK accounting for 24% . The penetration rate of e-cigarettes is close to 30%.



The heads of several Shenzhen e-cigarette companies believe that the rapid growth of overseas markets has put forward higher requirements for companies. When e-cigarettes go overseas, it is the key to consolidate technological advantages and win the right to speak in the international market. Enterprises should face challenges, accelerate technological innovation, and realize brand transformation and upgrading.

Shenzhen Yunpu Jiahang Technology Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yunpu Jiahang”) is one of the electronic cigarette companies exploring overseas. Yunpu Jiahang is controlled by Shenzhen Jinjia New Industry Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinjia (002191.SZ).

Li Min, chairman of Yunpu Jiahang, said that under the trend of global e-cigarette compliance development and the gradual standardization of the country’s supervision and testing of the e-cigarette industry, compliance has become a rigid need for the industry. At present, there are still some difficulties in the export of domestic atomized electronic products, including the shortage of transportation capacity. The Times Weekly reporter learned that Shenzhen is working hard to solve the bottleneck in the air transportation chain of electronic cigarettes.

This year, Shenzhen Airport, the Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce and other relevant parties, on the basis of finding out the dangerous characteristics of air transportation and transportation standards involved in electronic atomization products, jointly studied and issued the whitelist enterprise certification standards for electronic atomization products and air transportation. Operational guidelines for differentiated security inspections for exports.

Wang Suichu, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Airport Group, said that the whitelist standard is also of great significance to promoting the transportation standard of the global e-cigarette industry. In the future, it will better match the routes and transportation capacity to meet the export needs of electronic atomization enterprises, and help local enterprises to better participate in international competition.

Li Min also put forward three suggestions to solve the problem of e-cigarettes going overseas. First, Shenzhen Airport, as the initiator of the whitelist, linked the e-cigarette association, airports, airlines, and appraisal agencies to promote compliant and reasonable rapid security inspection rules; the second is to cooperate with electronic cigarettes. Tobacco Association, integrate industry resources and cooperate with airlines to ensure sufficient transportation capacity; thirdly, in terms of tail-haul services, cooperate with large domestic and foreign enterprises to tailor-made to solve the final service of overseas warehouse delivery to the door.


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