What’s the matter with the e-cigarette being so sweet in the mouth?

Some users have reported this problem, which is also a relatively common phenomenon. The main reason is that the e-liquid and condensate are inhaled, and the solution is very simple.

The e-liquid or condensate will have a sweet taste when inhaled. It may be that the e-cigarette oil supply speed is too high, the suction force is too large, and the e-liquid is sucked into the mouth before it has been completely atomized into smoke. of.

Because the VG and essence in the e-juice are sweet, there is no way to completely eliminate the oil leakage for the time being. Everyone usually puts the pod in a cool and dry place, and can separate the pod from the pod when not in use.

The condensate is also sweet when it is drawn. There is a very simple method to clean up the condensate. Before use, shake the cigarette holder downward a few times vigorously to shake out the condensate, and it will not appear if you smoke it again. Wipe the cigarette rod and cigarette with a paper towel. At the same time, confirm whether it is condensate or oil leakage.

To sum up, it is normal for electronic cigarettes to be particularly sweet in the mouth. It is usually caused by e-liquid and condensate. You can wipe the cartridge and shake it to avoid inhaling e-liquid and condensate. That’s it.

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