What technologies will lead the e-cigarette industry in 2022?

Mastering the core technology is the cornerstone of the electronic cigarette industry!

With the continuous increase of global tobacco control efforts, new tobacco products have gradually become an important development direction and research and development focus of tobacco products due to their significant advantages in reducing the release of harmful components. Among the new tobacco products that can currently be widely recognized by the market are vaping (VAPE) cigarettes. Vape is also known as electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette product first appeared in 2004. It is a device that simulates the appearance and sensory experience of traditional cigarettes through technical means without burning tobacco. At present, major multinational tobacco companies have electronic cigarette products. Today, electronic cigarettes have become a development trend that cannot be underestimated in the tobacco market. And looking forward to the future, what technologies will lead new industry changes? 1. Heating non-combustion technology Heating non-combustion electronic cigarettes have gradually been recognized by the market and are also considered to be an important development direction of electronic cigarettes. Among them, the brands that are currently favored by users are: IQOS, PAX, etc. 2. Low temperature ceramic atomization technology The low temperature ceramic atomizer technology is precisely the combination of low temperature atomization and ceramic atomization. Low-temperature atomization is healthier and safer, and ceramic media can perfectly solve the safety hazard of excessive heavy metals in the early stage of electronic cigarette technology development. 3. Salt-alkali smoke technology Use nicotine salts of macromolecule salt polymers as the nicotine medium in e-cigarettes instead of using traditional “free base” nicotine. As for the technologies such as chips and batteries that various e-cigarette manufacturers and distributors respect, they do not determine the core development trend of the e-cigarette industry. In an era when electric vehicles are about to replace traditional fuel vehicles and smartphones are changing rapidly, the electronic technology required for e-cigarettes is not a barrier to the development of the industry. The original intention of the invention of electronic cigarettes is to replace traditional tobacco, and the cutting-edge innovative technology of the industry will also focus on improving the quality of smoke release, making the use of electronic cigarettes feel closer to traditional tobacco, and at the same time abandoning the toxic components of traditional tobacco.


At present, which type of technology is more likely to be recognized by the market, and then lead to technological innovation in the industry? The influence of traditional tobacco on the sensory experience of smokers mainly comes from tobacco alkaloids. Tobacco alkaloids are extremely important chemical components of tobacco and smoke, including nicotine, nornicotine, anatabine, anatine, There are 8 kinds of mesmin, cotinine, dienenicotine, isonicotine, etc. The structure is shown in the figure.



Although electronic cigarettes are so popular, But the market is still not fully exploited As of June 2019, 14 domestic e-cigarette business financings have been completed, with a financing amount of more than 574 million yuan, much higher than the investment amount for the whole year of last year. The “Analysis Report on Market Demand Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning of China’s Tobacco Products Industry” released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute shows that China is the world’s largest e-cigarette production center but not the largest consumer country. At present, China’s e-cigarette market size is 4 billion yuan. The penetration rate of electronic cigarettes in China is extremely low, and the consumption scale is not as high as 15% of the US market, the largest consumer of electronic cigarettes. China has 350 million smokers, and e-cigarettes are a very large incremental market, but this new blue ocean still has huge development potential. On the one hand, the domestic e-cigarette market started late and has not yet been fully formed; on the other hand, consumers’ low awareness and acceptance of e-cigarettes is also an important reason for the small size of the domestic market. How to define a qualified or excellent electronic cigarette? The core answer must be security. Electronic cigarettes are a combination of electronic hardware and nicotine intake. Whether it is nicotine salt e-liquid or electronic atomization equipment, it is an extremely irresponsible product without the “safe” conversation experience. The popular pod pods in China can be basically divided into three categories: refillable, pre-filled and disposable, and pre-filled refills and disposable pods are the most popular. The e-liquids of these two types of e-cigarettes are pre-injected by manufacturers, and consumers can only passively accept the quality of e-liquids. However, everyone generally only pays attention to the basic experience of e-cigarette taste, e-liquid penetration, oil leakage, etc., and the cognition of e-liquid quality, heating atomization materials, etc. related to inhalation safety is in a blank state. In fact, many countries and regions have established corresponding inspection and testing standards, such as TPD in the European Union, FDA in the United States, etc. VOOPOO has accumulated in the international electronic cigarette market for many years, and the product quality standards have been in line with international standards, and exported to more than 200 countries and regions. And through the qualification certification of various countries, it has become an international brand recognized by global users, industries and governments.


The development of electronic cigarettes is like the first generation of 5G communication products. It is a pioneering product of an industry and era, and the development speed of new things often exceeds people’s cognition. We were skeptical when 4G came along, will it be useful so soon? After just a few years of development, looking back, it has been integrated into our lives and even become a daily routine. I believe that the same is true of the rapidly developing electronic cigarette. It is not a product of capital, but should be defined as the technological progress brought about by the new needs of consumers. The courage to change and innovation is the way out for the future of electronic cigarettes.



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