What should I do if the e-cigarette condensate leaks?

  1. If you don’t think you can do so many pods in 7 days, open them as little as possible. If you open them, take a puff of them, whatever they = oil leaks + oxidation + off-flavor.

2.For friends who have a refrigerator at home, it is recommended to refrigerate the pods that are not used temporarily (the taste is pleasantly surprised)

  1. The pod should be placed in a cool place, out of reach of children and pets, and the pod should not be charged in an uncomfortable high temperature environment. 
  2. If a little oil leaks, it may be caused by your inversion. The main component of e-liquid is Vg, which is vegetable glycerin. Vg has water absorption, so drink more water.
  3. It is hot in summer and the temperature inside the car is too high. Try not to put the pod in the car or in direct sunlight for a long time. Oil leaks and oil leaks caused by high temperature evaporation.
  4. Oil leakage or oil leakage may also occur during long-distance transportation in high temperature weather. The basic problems can be solved by the following methods.
  5. Condensate and oil leakage are two different things. Oil leakage is leakage from the bottom, and condensate is leakage from the suction port.

The above is the solution to the leakage of electronic cigarette condensate. You can solve it according to the above solutions. If you still can’t solve it, you can contact the customer service of the brand. It may be the proble

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