What should I do if the e-cigarette cartridge leaks oil?

The oil leakage of electronic cigarette cartridges has become a common problem in the current industry. This problem cannot be completely eradicated with current technology. No matter what brand of electronic cigarette, there are more or less oil leakages, but the severity is Not the same.

In case of oil leakage of the electronic cigarette cartridge, do not disassemble it at will, just wipe the leaked oil clean. Although this is a problem with the pod, there is no damage, just wipe off the leaked oil, and then use it normally. If the oil leak is serious, you need to replace the cartridge.

Sometimes it is not an oil leak, it may be condensate. The condensate is something that has condensed after atomization. The condensate hanging in the airway may be inhaled during the suction process, and there will be inhaled e-liquid. The “illusion” made everyone mistakenly believe that there was an oil leak. The location where the condensate appears is generally at the top of the pod, and the connection between the bottom of the pod and the pod may be an oil leak.

If you encounter condensate, you can often wipe the connection between the atomizing bomb and the atomizing rod with a paper towel, or gently shake the atomizing bomb downwards to shake out the accumulated coolant.

To sum up, there is no good solution for the oil leakage of electronic cigarette cartridges at present. You can only wipe it yourself, and then try to keep the cartridges at room temperature. Getting on the plane may also cause the oil leakage of the cartridges. , due to changes in air pressure

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