What levels will the technological development of the electronic cigarette industry mainly focus on in the future?




This problem needs to be divided into two parts according to the composition of electronic cigarettes: cigarette rod and e-liquid. For the cigarette rod part, another answerer’s answer has been very detailed. The main purpose is to improve the atomization effect (airway, heating wire, etc.) and stability (lifetime, chip, etc.). Here I will mainly share the direction of technological innovation that my team and I have made in the e-liquid part. My team and I divided the purpose of the final e-liquid technology iteration into two: reducing coke and harm, and closer to the natural taste. Let’s talk about the part of reducing scorch and reducing harm: To reduce the intake of nicotine by smokers, the key is to improve the transmission efficiency of nicotine. If the “utilization” of nicotine is higher, then only a small amount of nicotine is required to meet the needs of smokers. At the beginning of e-cigarettes, nicotine existed in the form of nicotine free base. During the smoking process, a large amount of nicotine is “wasted”, and smokers need to consume a lot of nicotine to achieve the effect of addiction relief. The nicotine salt neutralizes and “fixes” the free base of nicotine by adding organic acids to the e-liquid, improving the “utilization rate” of nicotine. Only 3-5% nicotine is needed to achieve the anti-addiction effect that was difficult to achieve with 5+% nicotine before. My team and I then developed Nicotine X. Nicotine X can be understood as “upgraded nicotine salt”, and their principle is the same: organic acid mixes with nicotine free base to form a salt. The content of nicotine and acid in Nicotine X e-juice is much lower than that of early nicotine salt e-juice, but the efficiency of acid-base binding is optimized, so Nicotine X can achieve high addiction relief with less nicotine content, while Low nicotine intake also reduces addiction. Nicotine X e-juice only needs 1.7% nicotine content to provide the taste that previously required 3% nicotine, which further reduces coke and harm. At present, Xiwu electronic cigarette is the only electronic cigarette product that applies nicotine X technology. Reducing coke and harm is the original intention of electronic cigarette design, and it is also the direction that technology has been striving for. In the future, we plan to apply Nicotine X to more new tobacco products, such as heat-not-burn products.


Let’s talk about the taste of natural tobacco: although the natural organic acids in nicotine salt and nicotine X e-liquid provide “stable”, the highly smooth taste brought by the acid-base neutralization reaction makes cigarettes familiar to old smokers natural. The taste is weakened a lot, and compared with the greatly simplified formula of natural tobacco, it also loses many other auxiliary experiences that natural tobacco can provide. Therefore, many electronic cigarettes now need to “imitate” the taste of cigarettes through edible flavors. Can the organic acid be removed on the premise of ensuring the stable and efficient delivery of nicotine? Nicotine Y is the technology we developed based on this idea. Nicotine Y selects non-organic acid extracts from natural tobacco components, neutralizes the alkalinity of nicotine, and provides smokers with the same fragrance and sweetness as natural tobacco, as well as a comprehensive taste closer to the richness of natural tobacco. Therefore, in theory, nicotine Y e-liquid can make smokers experience a taste similar to cigar without adding tobacco flavor. At present, Nicotine Y has entered the second stage of formula debugging. It is expected to be tested and mass-produced by the end of this year and will be launched in the middle of next year. First of all, it will still be applied to the products of Xiwu.


A more “real” taste, lower nicotine content, and lower addiction degree must be the future development direction of e-liquid technology research and development. Electronic cigarettes originally originated in China, but they ushered in the first outbreak period abroad. We very much hope to bring our overseas experience and e-liquid technology back to the motherland, and bring new experiences and a way of reducing coke and harm to e-cigarette smokers through China’s own technologies such as nicotine X and nicotine Y.




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