What kind of vape flavor is the girl you like?

20-30 year old love is pure beer

Thick foam, mellow aftertaste

But if you don’t pay attention, the fragrance will be fleeting

Love between 30-40 is like a bowl of hot porridge

Slightly dull, but heartwarming, indispensable

What about love after 40? That’s a glass of tap water

Life is half as light as water, a cup of clear spring will spend the rest of your life

The most touching love before the age of 20

It’s like a glass of Sprite, clear and translucent.

But never leave it open for too long

Then it will be boring

Love makes every stage of you different

It is perfect to experience a different love at each stage.

then as a boy

Have you ever flirted with the following types of girls?

18 year old young romantic girl

This kind of girl, who grew up in the sun, is mostly sweet and sour like a mango

At a glance, there is no thought in the past, it is simple in the end

The usual characteristics of such girls:

Like simple romance, facing growing up and just leaving home

Need a warm haven to replace parental care

I like the world of flowers, and I am more looking forward to the world of flowers

flirting tips

If you meet an 18-year-old mango-flavored girl

Tell her something warmer

Take her to Disney once, or give her a small gift

It’s better to spend some thought: such as diaries, handmade wallets…

In romantic fantasies, you will naturally be impressed

18 year old girls don’t think that long

The current surprises and small fortunes are her warmest expectations

26 year old young mature

Most of these girls are past the age of romantic longing

like mixed fruit, sweet, sour, astringent

There are more rich layers, and this layer hovers in the

The purity of love; the confusion of marriage; between love or material choices

Most of them are slightly confused ladies

But the track of love has been skewed towards material traces

【Tips for flirting with girls】

If you meet a 26-year-old girl with mixed fruit flavors

May wish to show your strength

The pursuit of her is still more realistic.

Beautifully packaged gifts

a piece of clothing that you can get your hands on

a hearty meal

Or give her a walk-and-go trip. …

Let her see your existing sincerity and strength

Far better than giving her an unrealistic little snicker

35 year old mature girl

As the saying goes, stand at thirty

After a woman is over 30 years old, it is even more self-reliant

They are more like cinnamon, ordinary on the outside but fragrant on the inside

This kind of unfazed maturity stems from reducing the fantasy of love

underestimate the nature of marriage

Some even don’t care about the unrealistic romance of those girls

They need to be more direct and crisp

A neater way to face life

The attitude towards love is nothing but this

Say something, don’t detour, don’t disturb

【Tips for flirting with sister】

If you meet a 35-year-old mature woman like cinnamon

Boys are best not to be smart or overthinking themselves

After all, their psychological maturity and independence of ability

Will put a lot of people off, you have to be that too

Mature, stable, family-oriented, and responsible mature boy

It’s possible to get into her sight

Both its romance and its practicality must be paid attention to

It is more about whether you have the ability and mind to accompany you for a lifetime

The above are just three tricks for flirting with girls of different ages

But then again, every girl is a unique leaf

Different types feel different

Sweet and sour blueberries, refreshing apples, addictive mocha….

Or some kind of alien fruit you can’t fathom

But in the end, every girl has to love with her heart

Simple flirting can only help you

Just like that poem, blessing those with extreme emotion

People who will love, are ready to love, are loving

you are my warm gloves

cold beer

sunny shirt

and day by day dreams

You are pure, innocent, like glass
You are pure, innocent, nothing can be polluted
You are pure, innocent, nothing can change
The sun shines through you, but it changes its direction

this august

the hottest season

wish to have a lover

On the golden horse

traversed thousands of mountains and rivers

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