What kind of garbage classification is electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette components have many components, including metal parts, plastic parts, and glass products, which will also face the problem of disassembly during recycling. Most of the components are recyclable waste, such as metal, ceramic and plastic parts, but its specific composition is difficult for ordinary people to know. However, from the perspective of batteries, e-cigarettes are hazardous waste.

From the point of view of e-cigarette cartridges, the main body of e-liquid cartridges is generally made of plastic, which is recyclable garbage, ceramic atomizing cores belong to electronic waste, and organic cotton infiltrated by e-liquid is dry garbage. One cartridge contains three types The type of garbage, and because the structure of the pod can not be disassembled, it causes the difficulty of classification.

For the cartridges of e-liquid e-cigarettes, Shanghai has not yet given a clear garbage classification. According to the indistinguishable domestic garbage into the dry trash can (refer to lighters), the cartridges of e-liquid e-cigarettes are classified as dry garbage for the time being. .

At present, many e-cigarette brands have begun to launch their own recycling activities, the empty cartridge recycling program, which combines online mailing and offline store redemption. In a social environment that vigorously promotes green development, the recycling of electronic cigarettes is a major focus, and wise brand owners will not give up this opportunity to build an image and attract repeat customers.

What kind of garbage classification is electronic cigarette? To sum up, e-cigarette cartridges belong to dry garbage, because there are many components, it is difficult to distinguish, and can be directly classified as dry garbage, and rods can be directly classified as electronic waste.

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