What kind of atomizing core is the best atomizing core

The difference and selection of loose coil and dense coil of atomizing core


What many novice friends don’t know is that the heating wire is wound in different ways, and the taste and smoke are also very different. This time, we have sorted out the specific effects of loose winding and dense winding. Before we make the heating wire by ourselves, you can refer to it first.


What is the effect of loose winding?


Under the constraints of the atomizing space of the atomizer, the material and specifications of the heating wire, etc., the loosely wound coil can solve the problem of excessive heat of the densely wound coil and overheating of the smoke. The loose-wound coil can disperse the excessively concentrated heat well, and the controllability of the heat output will also increase, and the adjustment range of the “applicable power” on the voltage regulating device will be correspondingly increased, and the resulting taste style is more layered. Experience, the intensity has decreased.


Some users may worry that the amount of smoke generated by loosely wound coils will be much lower than that of densely wound coils, and the excitation speed will also have an impact, but this is not the case. Using 316 or NI80 heating wire for loose-winding test will not affect the original rapid excitation speed of the heating wire, and the amount of smoke generated will not have much impact. Even the loose-winding coil can increase the duration of lung suction and increase The amount of smoke inhaled.


The method of loosening the coil is very simple. By stretching and pushing back the outer coil, a relatively uniform loose coil can be produced. Especially for the 316 heating wire with high elasticity and hardness, it is easier to make a regular loose-wound coil.


For friends who like more controllable taste, better layered experience, and relatively uniform smoke heat, it is definitely a good choice to choose loose winding coils, especially the loose winding of 316 heating wire, the effect is quite good, and To a large extent, it will also reduce the rate of carbon deposition in the coil, which is highly recommended.


Dense around – what do I do if I want smoke and taste?


Making a coil with moderate calorific value and sufficient explosive power is very important for the taste and smoke experience of the DIY atomizing core. Many friends still stay in a small range of temperature control for the loose winding of the coil, but in fact the loose winding of the coil is used in the voltage regulation mode, which will also have a very good effect. We need to know that the fundamental difference between loose winding and dense winding is the size of the gap between each coil. Therefore, densely wound coils usually need to control the tightness of the coils during the winding process, and after winding Then, the coil is heated to achieve the purpose of reducing the coil interval and uniform heating again.


How can the taste and smoke be guaranteed? Let me tell you, whether the densely wound coil is made of single or multiple coils, the tight coil will bring a considerable amount of heat, so the excitation speed of the smoke is relatively fast under the condition of reasonable voltage output. , the heat of the smoke is relatively large, and the resulting taste is also inclined to a rich and concentrated style. That’s fine.


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