what it feels like to smoke e-cigarettes for 50 days?

1. I have been smoking for 30 years+; smoke two packs a day+;

2. Switch to e-cigarettes from 2021.11.02;

3. It has been 50 days and I have not bought a pack of cigarettes;

4. Within 50 days, smoke no more than 10 physical cigarettes, all given by friends;

5. I like mung bean flavor the most;

6. In the first week, I thought about buying cigarettes every day, and felt that e-cigarettes were not enough; especially on the third day, my mind was full of wanting to buy cigarettes;

7. Get used to vaping after a week;

8. In the beginning, there was one pod a day, and now it is one every two days;

9. It feels like smoking e-cigarettes can suppress the habit of smoking. At least for me;

10. Electronic cigarettes are more convenient, you can take a puff anytime and anywhere without wasting much;

11. Some friends say that smoking e-cigarettes is more harmful. Baidu for a long time, also read on Zhihu. At present, there is no evidence or information that is more harmful;

12. I have a lot less cough. It turned out that smoking was too much, and the cough was terrible, but now it is much better;

13. Bad breath is much better;

14. Compared with physical cigarettes, what are the benefits or less harm to the body? I haven’t seen it or felt it yet; I can only say that I’m used to smoking e-cigarettes;

15. One of the reasons for not buying cigarettes is because my mother is sick and cannot smell the smoke;

16. Another reason is: electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than smoking physical cigarettes; smoking electronic cigarettes is about 15 yuan a day;

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