What is VG in e-cigarette oil and what is the use

  1. What is VG?

A: VG, also known as “vegetable glycerin” and “Vegetable Glycerin”, is a colorless, sweet, clear and transparent viscous liquid, which is odorless and has a warm sweet taste. The national standard is called glycerin, which can absorb moisture from the air and can be used as a solvent, lubricant, medicament and sweetener. It is a basic material widely used in the fields of food, cosmetics and medicine.

  1. What is the role of VG in e-liquid?

Answer: Because VG will generate a lot of steam mist after heating, the main function of VG is to generate smoke. At the same time, PG has a certain degree of irritation, and VG also plays a role in reconciling the taste in the e-juice, making the smoke entrance smooth.

  1. What are the characteristics of VG?

Answer: VG itself is very viscous and has poor fluidity. It has a high degree of hygroscopicity. After heating, it will generate a lot of steam mist. It has a sweet taste and is widely used in various fields in daily life, such as food, cosmetics, cakes , chocolate, and many medical supplies contain VG.

  1. Will VG have adverse reactions?

A: So far, VG has not been found to have adverse reactions to the human body. However, due to the high hygroscopicity and viscosity of VG, users will feel dry mouth, and some nebulizers with poor guide ability will also produce The phenomenon of poor oil supply.

The dissolving ability of VG itself is very poor, and many ingredients are difficult to dissolve in VG, so generally speaking, it should be added with PG to dissolve flavor and nicotine.

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