What is the technical content of electronic cigarettes?

The principle is simple, as simple as walking, but walking in the Himalayas is too much for 95% of people.

Basic structure: heating wire + cotton + e-liquid. Basic principle: The heating wire is energized, heating the e-liquid on the cotton, and atomizing it into inhalable smoke.

But competition is intensifying, so industry barriers are getting higher and higher.

If you want to be high-quality, 95% of enterprises can’t do it.

Even if the principle is simple. When there is no competition, it is called an electronic cigarette if it can smoke. With competition, the threshold for defining a product is increased layer by layer.

What to choose for heating wire? There are hundreds of options out there. Choose cotton or ceramics? What shape is cotton made of? How to prepare smoke oil?

Flavored nicotine VGPG also has thousands of formulations. How to make the fuselage, how to design the atomizer, how to design the air passage, how to prevent condensation and oil leakage.

Manufacturers have to rank among millions of combinations and find the best ones to compete, and the experimental process can take months and years.

Small factories simply cannot afford this kind of experimental process.

While large teams have reliable experimental management and numerous staff, the process is relatively easy to navigate. This is the Himalayan competition for simple products.

Originally indifferent details, once the competition intensifies, it becomes the key to victory.

The heights are so cold. The person who loses in the end may only lose 1% of the essence and a slight shake of the atomizer.

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