What is the reason why the e-cigarette does not hit the throat?

What is the reason why the e-cigarette does not hit the throat? Some friends feel that the throat hit is not very good with their electronic cigarettes, so they feel that this electronic cigarette has no feeling, so is this a problem with electronic cigarettes? Actually not necessarily, mainly because of the nicotine content.

In e-cigarettes, it mainly depends on the content of nicotine in the e-liquid. Therefore, if you have a feeling of sucking your throat, you can choose cartridges with high nicotine content, but e-cigarette information network does not recommend that you choose cigarettes with higher nicotine content. Play, because it results in a throat hit, flustered and more dry mouth.

At present, the concentration of pods is generally around 3mg. If you want to have a strong throat feeling, it is 5mg. No matter how high it is, it is unnecessary. E-liquids that contain a lot of nicotine can make the throat feel irritating. However, the standard for evaluating the quality of e-cigarettes is the throat hit, so many e-cigarette products are overused and will only blindly increase the nicotine content. A nice vape that hits the throat hard, but in a comfortable, natural way, not a stimulant.

In addition, the amount of smoking will also affect the throat hit. The more cigarettes you smoke, the stronger you will feel. PG has a certain stimulating effect on the throat, so the e-juice with high PG content will also have a slightly stronger throat hit.

In a word, it is still the problem of the e-liquid that the e-cigarette does not hit the throat. It may be that you like e-juice with a strong throat hit, so it is recommended that you buy a pod with a 5mg content, which has a stronger throat hit and has an atomization effect. It is also one of the factors that affect the throat hit.

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