What is the principle of e-cigarette smoking cessation?

Many people have developed the habit of smoking, but they know how to maintain their health and strive to quit smoking. The emergence of electronic cigarettes seems to help many heavy smokers, but some people question the effect of electronic cigarettes. So what is the principle of smoking cessation by electronic cigarettes? Below I will tell us.

What is the principle of e-cigarette smoking cessation?
What is the principle of e-cigarette smoking cessation?

Electronic cigarettes use the most common nicotine replacement therapy in the world, which is to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine inhaled by smokers. Generally from high to low, gradually decreasing. However, even the highest concentration of nicotine is only 1/3 of that of ordinary cigarettes, which prevents dependence on e-cigarettes. According to incomplete statistics, e-cigarettes should have the highest success rate of smoking cessation among the various nicotine replacement therapy products. In addition to using nicotine replacement therapy, he also has one of the biggest advantages, that is, he does not change his habit of smoking. As the saying goes , he can also be satisfied with the mouth addiction of smokers. This is very important, because a large number of smokers are unable to quit smoking successfully because they are out of touch with this habitual action.

What is the principle of e-cigarette smoking cessation? The smoking cessation process of electronic cigarettes

1, first replace the cigarette

Simulate the real smoking process, imitate the smoking process, and do not change the smoking habit action like real cigarettes, imitate the action of smoking humanely from a biological point of view, smoke electronic cigarettes and enjoy the whole process of puffing, relieve smoking cravings, and improve health. Tobacco can fully satisfy the physical and psychological needs of smoking, and is the health first choice for the majority of smokers.

  1. Tobacco control again

Disconnecting the dependence on cigarettes Through modern electronic technology, smokers can feel the same pleasure as smoking traditional cigarettes when inhaling electronic cigarettes, and can make people unknowingly disconnect from their dependence on cigarettes, thereby completing humanized tobacco control Purpose.

  1. Quit smoking

Disconnected from relying on nicotine After nicotine replacement therapy, electronic cigarettes gradually reduce the inhalation of nicotine in the body according to stages, until the use of nicotine-free e-liquid, habituation and adaptation for a period of time can eliminate smoking addiction. At the same time, you should drink more water in the process of using e-cigarettes to help eliminate nicotine and help you quit smoking.

What is the principle of e-cigarette smoking cessation? It is undeniable that electronic cigarettes are harmful to health, and it is not a method of quitting smoking. Some manufacturers or individuals say that it has the effect of quitting smoking. I think it is more a propaganda method from a commercial point of view. Electronic cigarettes are only an auxiliary method for quitting smoking. To truly achieve the purpose of quitting smoking, we must rely on our own self-discipline. Once you make up your mind to quit smoking, you must strengthen your confidence, don’t fish for three days and two days in the net, let alone set any precedents for yourself, and don’t use your spear to poke your own shield at any time.

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