What is the e-cigarette MOD culture?

What is e-cigarette MOD culture? The most common explanation is the modification of e-cigarettes. The transformation of everything to make the original industrialized production and the appearance of thousands of people become absolutely personalized, which is the ultimate goal pursued by those who love transformation and DIY. This is the real DIY spirit.

Fortunately, there is such an opportunity for all players who love e-cigarettes and pursue personalization to use their creativity and ideas, and their various ideas as users also affect various hardware manufacturers in this industry all the time, because the most Strong hardware can be bought with only money, but the most creative appearance and connotation cannot be bought with money. MOD is the pursuit of everything that cannot be bought with money.
DIY is the abbreviation of “Do It Yourself”. Rising in recent years, it has gradually become a popular. To put it simply, DIY is to do it yourself, there is no difference in gender and age, everyone can do it by themselves, and the items made by DIY have their own freedom and comfort.

From the moment Do it Yourself was interpreted as DIY, the pursuit of getting rid of a uniform appearance has also been infiltrated by DIYers on everything about e-cigarettes. The transformation of batteries, atomizers, and e-liquids has been in recent years. Begin to appear more frequently on the network gradually. With the growth of the rookie, MOD is no longer the patent of the master. Behind the various shapes, countless excellent works bring the countless efforts and infinite creativity of the authors, and the creativity is not a skilled e-cigarette user. can have.

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