What is the difference between heat not burn tobacco products and e-cigarettes

In the past two years, there has been a wave of “electronic cigarettes” headed by IQOS in China. The “electronic cigarette” in quotation marks is actually called heat-not-burn tobacco, which belongs to a new type of tobacco. According to Baidu Encyclopedia, new-type tobacco products are relative to traditional tobacco products, which means that they contain tobacco or can produce smoke and taste, which can bring people the pleasure of smoking and meet physiological needs, but do not belong to such as cigarettes and self-rolling cigarettes. , pipe tobacco, hookahs, cigars, cigarillos, chewing tobacco, snuff, and other categories of tobacco products that are snus. It is generally believed that there are mainly electronic cigarettes and low-temperature cigarettes (ie, heat-not-burn tobacco products).

Some consumers refer to IQOS products as electronic cigarettes, but it is actually biased. Although heat-not-burn tobacco works by batteries, it cannot be regarded as electronic cigarettes in the strict sense because the heating is still tobacco. Although liquid e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, e-liquids containing nicotine are still classified as tobacco. Therefore, heat-not-burn tobacco and e-cigarettes are new types of tobacco that coexist side by side.

Where does heat not burn tobacco come from?

The continuous innovation of technology in the tobacco industry and people’s increasingly strong demands for health have prompted the world’s major tobacco giants to explore new types of tobacco products. Since 1988, these tobacco giants have started from carbon heating, electric heating and other forms of heating without burning. Various brands such as premier and eclipse have been used, but due to the complex composition of traditional tobacco, the reduction degree of taste has not been able to satisfy consumers. Until 2015, the international tobacco giant Philip Morris produced the first generation of IQOS. IQOS has undoubtedly triggered a revolution in HNB tobacco, and this wave has also triggered the Chinese market. As we all know, IQOS and other products are not allowed to be sold in China, so what is the attitude of the Chinese tobacco industry towards HNB tobacco? What will be the future development trend? China Tobacco has recently participated in the formulation of national standards for e-cigarettes. Where will e-cigarettes go in the future?

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