What is the definition of electronic cigarette?

As defined by Baidu Encyclopedia, electronic cigarettes are electronic products that imitate cigarettes and have the same appearance, smoke, taste and feel as cigarettes. It is a product that uses a rechargeable lithium polymer battery to drive an atomizer, and turns nicotine into vapor by heating the e-juice in the oil tank for users to smoke.

Recently, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration finally gave the latest, most authoritative and professional explanation in the draft for comments on national standards for electronic cigarettes and management measures for electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette is an electronic delivery system for nicotine, which is used to generate aerosol containing nicotine for human smoking.

Combined with other regulations in the national standards for electronic cigarettes, it can be concluded that the officially defined and recognized electronic cigarettes have the following characteristics:

Tobacco monopoly products that contain nicotine and are used to extract nicotine for electronic cigarettes (including reconstituted tobacco leaves and tobacco stems, the same below), red-cured tobacco leaves, and cut tobacco must have the right to operate tobacco leaves, red-cured tobacco leaves, and cut tobacco. purchased from tobacco companies, and the purity of the extracted nicotine should not be less than 99%.

  • cigarettes cannot use synthetic nicotine.

The concentration of nicotine in e-cigarettes should not exceed 20 mg/g, and the total amount of nicotine should not exceed 200 mg. Nicotine release – should not be higher than 0.2 mg/puff.

Electronic cigarette cigarettes and cartridges using electronic cigarette liquid should have a closed structure to prevent artificial filling, that is, electronic cigarette is a closed structure that cannot be artificially filled with oil.

Electronic cigarettes are a characteristic flavor that should not be induced to minors, that is, in addition to tobacco and mint flavors, electronic cigarette products do not include other fruit flavors.

In addition, the draft for the management of electronic cigarettes stipulates that electronic cigarettes are electronic delivery products that produce aerosols containing nicotine for people to smoke. The electronic cigarette products included in the scope of supervision mainly include pods, smoking sets, products sold in combination with pods and smoking sets, and nicotine for electronic cigarettes.

It is worth noting that the electronic cigarette management measures also stipulate that products similar to electronic cigarettes that do not contain nicotine or are not used to deliver nicotine should not be labeled as electronic cigarettes and should be clearly marked on the package “This product does not Contains nicotine (nicotine)” or “This product is not intended to deliver nicotine (nicotine).”

In addition, 10 terms related to e-cigarettes are also listed in the national standard for e-cigarettes, including atomizers, e-cigarette liquids, e-cigarette devices, e-cigarette components, cartridges, atomizers, atomizer additives, e-cigarettes Cigarette materials, e-cigarette emissions, emissions, etc.

Nebulized e-vapor matter—mixtures and auxiliary substances that can be fully or partially nebulized by electronic devices into inhalable nicotine-containing aerosols.

Electronic cigarette liquid e-liquid – Atomizer in liquid form.

Electronic cigarette device electronic cigarette device – an electronic device that atomizes the atomized material into an inhalable aerosol.

Electronic cigarette module electronic cigarette module – a component or combination of components that constitutes an independent part of an electronic cigarette.

Cartridge cartridge – an electronic cigarette component that contains an atomized substance.

Atomization agent—a substance that can be atomized as the main component of aerosol particles in an atomized material. Note: Generally glycerin, propylene glycol and water.

Atomizer additive in e-vapor matter—a substance added to the atomizer for functional needs such as improving quality and preventing deterioration.

Electronic cigarette material electronic cigarette material – material used in the manufacture of electronic cigarettes. Note: Aerosols are not included.

Electronic cigarette emissions – aerosols produced by smoking electronic cigarettes.

Emission amount – the amount of a certain substance or type of substance in the e-cigarette released under standard smoking conditions.

Note: The nicotine mentioned above is nicotine (Nicotine)

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