What effect will excessive carbon deposition have on the use of the atomizer?

Whether you use a finished atomizer or a DIY atomizer, a black substance will slowly appear on the coil of the atomizing core. Although the finished atomizer is not visible to the naked eye like the coil of the oil drop atomizer, the finished mist The carbon deposition on the core still exists, which affects the experience of using electronic cigarettes just like the carbon deposition on the coil of the DIY atomizer.

Carbon deposition is just a general term for the black substance on the e-cigarette coil

The term carbon deposition on the coil is actually a very vague and general term for engine carbon deposition. After a period of use, the black matter attached to the coil of the electronic cigarette is called carbon deposition. Carbon deposits are not necessarily produced by one substance or one way.

The generation of carbon deposits is largely related to e-cigarette juice

The atomization process of electronic cigarettes relies on the high-heat heating of the coil. In the process of heating and atomization, chemical reactions of substances will also occur. There may be residual substances in it. Likewise, the oxides produced by the alloy coils will slowly build up on the coils.

What effect will excessive carbon deposition have on the use of the atomizer

If too much carbon deposits on the coil, it will greatly affect the heating effect of the coil, which will directly affect the smoke effect and taste experience of the atomizer. At the same time, the carbon deposition will also pollute the cotton, especially on the finished atomizing core, which will directly affect the service life of the finished core.

What is the method of DIY atomizer coil to clean carbon deposits

The advantage of the DIY atomizer over the finished atomizer is that the coil can be cleaned. The methods of cleaning carbon deposits are generally divided into two methods: quenching and dry burning. The more recommended method is to remove the cotton, dry the coil, and then use A small iron brush cleans the surface of the coil. The cleaning of carbon deposits cannot be completely removed. For example, it is difficult to completely remove the oxides on the surface of the coil.

Is there any way to reduce the rate of carbon deposition

The generation of carbon deposits in the electronic cigarette coil is inevitable, and only some methods can be used to reduce its generation speed. For example, e-liquid with low sweetness and no extract can be used on the atomizer, and the condensate in the atomizer can be disposed of in time. On the dripping atomizer, it can be dripped on the surface of the coil as evenly as possible. Smoke oil, etc.

For users who use DIY atomizers, as long as the carbon deposits are regularly cleaned and the cotton is replaced, a better experience can be achieved. The user of the finished atomizer can only replace the finished core. Or choose e-liquid with low carbon deposition output for matching to prolong the service life of the atomizing core.

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