What black technologies are hidden in e-cigarettes?

The black technology of atomizing core There are also factions of e-cigarettes. HNB (heat not burn) and atomized electronic cigarettes are the two major technical streams in the electronic cigarette industry, and each route has its own technical characteristics. At present, atomized electronic cigarettes are common on the market, so today we will explore the black technology behind atomized electronic cigarettes. The technology of atomizing electronic cigarettes is simply two cores: atomizing core + e-liquid. Originally, in the era of “big smoke”, the core of atomized electronic cigarettes also contained heating wires. But in the current era of “small cigarettes”, the atomizing core has evolved from a cotton core to a ceramic core, and the ceramic core is a combination of the heating wire and the ceramic body, so the technical core of the electronic cigarette becomes the atomizing core. and smoke oil. The production of atomizing cores, from material acquisition to processing technology, does not have high technical difficulties, but the difficulty is large-scale quality control. In particular, the core component of the atomizing core, the porous ceramics, is extremely demanding. The preparation methods of porous ceramics include organic foam impregnation, foaming, addition of pore-forming agents, sol-gel, particle stacking, freeze-drying, gradient structure, biomorphic porous ceramics and other processes. According to different pore size requirements, porosity, and cost considerations, manufacturers will use different preparation processes. According to the pore size, porous ceramics can be divided into macroporous products from 1000 μm to tens of microns, microporous products from 0.2 to 20 μm, and ultra-microporous products from 0.2 μm to several nanometers. The ceramic atomizing core is the standard configuration of the current high-quality electronic cigarette pods. It adopts a porous ceramic structure. In order to achieve the best taste, safety and service life, the production of electronic cigarette ceramic cores requires the best combination of porosity and pore size. The ceramic core with high porosity and large pore diameter guides oil quickly and tastes good, but its strength will be inferior, it is easy to drop powder, and it is not conducive to automatic assembly.


Different brands and different flavors of e-liquid have different requirements for the atomizing core in order to achieve the best atomization taste. The R&D personnel need to match the appropriate atomizing core and heating power for different e-liquids after sufficient testing, so as to ensure the appropriate amount of smoke and the best degree of aroma reduction.

In the manufacturing process of the atomizing core, from the procurement of raw materials, pretreatment, to mixing, molding, firing, and circuit printing, subtle changes in each link will have a greater impact on the physical parameters and performance of the finished product. Due to the differences in the quality of raw materials and the difficulty of ensuring sufficient uniformity in the mixing process, the stability and consistency of ceramic core products are the main problems faced in large-scale production, and it takes more time and manpower to solve. Therefore, e-cigarette brands are more willing to cooperate with ceramic core manufacturers with mature technology and experienced teams.

Atomization Core Black Technology Index

Technical difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Work intensity: ★★★★☆

E-liquid: It can be imitated, but cannot be surpassed

The production of atomizing cores of electronic cigarettes sounds unclear, but the progress of industrial technology is rapid, and the atomizing cores will continue to improve. In fact, just like the formula of Fat House Happy Water to Coca-Cola Company, the formula of e-liquid is the core moat of e-cigarette companies.

Coca-Cola is very popular because it can make people feel happy. Tobacco has the same effect. The main reason is that tobacco contains nicotine. When people smoke, the nicotine in it will enter the human brain in about 10 seconds, activate the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, release dopamine, and make people feel good. It took more than half a century for human beings to spread tobacco to the whole world in the age of voyages and then to the discovery of nicotine. If the history is pushed forward, it will be thousands of years since the American people started smoking tobacco. time.




Traditional cigarettes, while burning to produce nicotine, also produce harmful substances such as tar. Electronic cigarettes directly heat nicotine, or heat a mixture of nicotine and other aromatic substances to atomize them without producing harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. The aromatic substances in e-liquid are varied. There are many fruit flavors on the market. In order to adapt to the taste of old smokers, some brands will imitate the aroma of cigarettes and introduce new flavors. The Lord of the Rings iRings, in addition to the products with the original smoke taste, will also bring consumers a new intoxicating experience with a long aftertaste, rich and full, with the extremely enhanced aroma of candied dates, sesame and cinnamon. In the words of the Lord of the Rings developers, it is: the original fragrance and taste, one bite into the soul, long-term smoking will not get tired. Steampunks will buy diluted nicotine solvent online and configure their own e-liquid for the joy of operation. However, in order to obtain safer and more pleasant smoke, you still need the best configuration of e-liquid obtained by professionals after numerous tests. Therefore, even if the whole network knows the main ingredients of e-cigarette juice, people are still more willing to buy branded products with guaranteed quality. On the one hand, it is safe and guaranteed, and on the other hand, it is the secret of the formula. E-liquid Black Technology Index Technical difficulty: ★★★★☆ Work intensity: ★★★★★ Electronic cigarettes also have the pursuit of beauty As a new consumer product, appearance is indispensable. All brands of electronic cigarettes have a cool or luxurious appearance. Behind this ultimate beauty is the perfect combination of design and craftsmanship. At present, the electronic cigarette shells on the market mainly include aluminum alloy extruded profiles, stainless steel, zinc alloys, plastics, glass, ceramics, silicone rubber sealing rings and other materials. Since many electronic cigarette shell foundries also manufacture mobile phones, many materials and processes on mobile phone shells have also been explored and applied to the production of electronic cigarette shells, such as 3D curved glass, plastic imitation metal, etc. Therefore, in addition to the atomizing core and e-liquid, the shell of the electronic cigarette is also very technical. Let’s take a look at the surface processes that e-cigarettes use in order to enhance their appearance. 1. Sandblasting: The fully automatic sandblasting process uses compressed air as power to form a high-speed jet airflow, and sprays the professional fine sand used for spraying onto the surface of the product with the air, so that the surface of the aluminum alloy forms a more tactile coating. Improve the type and texture of the bran skin of the electronic cigarette casing and prolong the service life. 2. Oxidation: Generally speaking, aluminum alloys need to be sandblasted and then anodized, and the color of anodized can be toned. Anodic oxidation refers to the use of metal or aluminum alloy as the anode, and the method of electrolysis to form an oxide film on the surface. After oxidation, aluminum alloys can improve corrosion resistance, enhance wear resistance and hardness, and protect metal surfaces. 3. Laser engraving: Laser engraving technology is laser engraving technology. Since the English of laser is LASER, it is directly translated as laser in the industry. Simply speaking, the laser beam is projected according to the design document and irradiated to the surface of the product to burn, forming text or patterns. The product melts and vaporizes instantly under the laser irradiation, that is, it turns into a plume of blue smoke, which is sucked away by the special exhaust duct. Depending on the laser type, the color of laser engraving can have many different colors. 4. Spraying: The bright surface is UV spraying, and the matte surface is rubber oil spraying or dumb UV, but rubber oil spraying is difficult to meet environmental protection requirements, so UV spraying is generally used. At present, most of the market is UV plus pearl powder spraying, high-end atmosphere At the same time, the spray coating can improve the hardness of the product and make the product more scratch-resistant. 5.PVD vacuum plating: physical vapor deposition, using physical methods under vacuum conditions, the material source or liquid surface is vaporized into gaseous atoms, molecules, or partially ionized into ions, and through low-pressure gas (or plasma) process, on the surface of the substrate The technology of depositing thin films with certain special functions, so it is also called vacuum plating. 6. Polishing: The process of using physical machinery or chemicals to reduce the surface roughness of the object. The polished surface of the workpiece is smooth and has a good reflection effect. 7. Metal wire drawing: A surface treatment method that forms lines on the surface of the workpiece by grinding the product, which has a decorative effect. The wire drawing methods include straight lines, random lines, and spiral lines. 8. Water transfer printing: The application of water transfer printing is mainly to leave the designed pattern on the product. The process is to first print the pattern of the product on the water sticker, then cut it into a single pattern, put it in a special water for softening, and after the layer is softened, the water will be attached to the surface of the product, and after the pattern is transferred to the product, then The water sticker is peeled off, and then the product is baked, sprayed with UV or rubber oil, and baked again, and the pattern and spray layer are cured. 9. Thermal transfer printing: print the design pattern on the PET substrate, then fix it on the mold, put the mold into a vacuum box, and pump out the gas, so that the PET is tightly attached to the surface of the product substrate, and the pattern is heated by heating. Transfer to the surface of the product substrate, then remove the substrate PET, and then spray the surface. 10. Resin Epoxy: Print the pattern, then cut it, put it into the mold, adjust the resin and curing agent according to a certain ratio, and inject it into the mold. To ensure the effect, the mold must be placed horizontally to prevent the mold from tilting and causing product defects. In addition, the resin process can add glitter powder, gold foil paper, silver chips, flowers and other decorations to the resin to increase the variety of products. 12. Leather: The base material generally uses PC or ABS material as the carrier, and the surface is selected from genuine leather or PU leather, or wood-grain sheet. , firmly stick the surface leather or wood grain leather to the base material of the product. 13. Dyeing: The biggest feature of the dyeing process is that the two ends of the electronic cigarette shell can be dyed into different gradient colors. Generally, the product is required to be made of PC material without hardness. This process is widely used in mobile phone cases. 14. IMD and IML process: IML (In Molding Label) is the injection molding of in-mold inserts. The very significant features of the IML process are: the surface is a hardened transparent film, the middle is a printed pattern layer, and the back is a plastic layer. It is sandwiched between the film and the plastic, which can make the surface of the plastic product scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and can keep the color bright and not easy to fade for a long time. IMD (In Molding Decoration) is the in-mold decoration inlay injection molding technology. IMD is a popular surface decoration technology. The surface hardening transparent film, the middle printing pattern layer, the back injection molding layer, and the ink middle can prevent the surface of plastic products from being scratched and scratched. Wear-resistant, and can keep the color bright and not easy to fade for a long time. IMD includes IML, IMF, IMR. IMR: In Moding Roller (the film on the surface of the product is removed, leaving only the ink on the surface of the product.)



Appearance Black Technology Index

Technical difficulty: ★★★★☆

Work intensity: ★★★☆☆

The electronic cigarette looks small, but I did not expect it to be extremely technological. As the competition in the e-cigarette industry enters the second half, intelligence and socialization have become the development direction of more and more e-cigarette brands. With the help of new technologies such as 5G and big data, electronic cigarettes will also evolve from functional machines to the era of smart machines. Now, some big companies in the industry have already tried this.

For The Lord of the Rings iRings, technological innovation is even more essential. “Electronic tobacco” is not just talk, we are confident to make breakthrough products and realize people’s dream of being intoxicated safely. What will happen in the future, please wait and see. (Source: The Lord of the Rings iRings, Reminder: Minors are not allowed to smoke)


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