What are the three mainstream atomization technologies in the electronic cigarette industry

As an emerging industry of electronic cigarettes, innovative technologies are constantly promoting the development of the electronic cigarette industry. E-cigarette research and development barriers such as: air inlet and outlet system, ceramic technology, atomization structure (no oil absorption, no oil leakage), heating technology, ID design, component solutions, etc. are all constantly improving. Among them, in addition to the quality of the atomization technology of electronic cigarettes, it is also necessary to continuously improve the user’s experience. Today, we will take a look at the core of the electronic cigarette industry’s e-liquid vapor equipment – atomization technology.

At present, the atomization technologies of e-liquid-type electronic cigarettes include: heating of microporous ceramic atomizing core, heating of metal grid, and the vaping technology recently proposed by British American Tobacco.

1. Ceramic atomizing core technology

The ceramic heating element has the characteristics of miniaturization, customized size, environmental protection, high efficiency, cleanliness, acid and alkali resistance, etc. At present, most of the pods on the market are heated by microporous ceramic atomizing cores, such as SOLO-FLAT Mini, RELX, MK CIGONE, Aizhuo POLE POD KIT, Niwei jointly developed by Kangcheng Yipin and American brand VAPTIO. NRX, MT, etc.

Electronic cigarette ceramic atomizing core has the following characteristics:

1. The pore size of microporous ceramics is generally micron or submicron. The honeycomb hole design of ceramics makes the atomized smoke more delicate, and the reduction degree of e-liquid is high.

2. The surface of microporous ceramics is hygroscopic. By reasonably controlling the porosity, micropore size, specific surface area and water content of microporous ceramics, the dry and humidity adjustment of the local area can be realized.

3. It can realize the smooth supply of e-liquid to the atomizer, and the adsorption and self-locking function. Compared with the traditional cotton-packed atomizing core, the taste is better, the experience is better, and it is not easy to leak oil.

4. Ceramics have the characteristics of high temperature resistance. Even if there is an instantaneous high temperature phenomenon, the cotton burning phenomenon of the traditional cotton wrapping process will not occur.

Note: The most influential one is the FEELM ceramic atomizing core technology of Maxwell.

Feelm’s metal film design creates an extraordinary wide heating surface that applies temperature accurately and intelligently, ensuring instant steam generation while reducing harmful substances. In 2018, Feelm ceramic atomizing core technology won the global authoritative award-Golden Leaf Award. , The self-owned electronic cigarette brand VAPORESSO, which was also launched earlier by Maxwell, uses the cCell ceramic atomizing core.

2. Metal mesh heating technology

Grid resistors, although ubiquitous around us, were primarily used in large smoke box atomizers earlier. The NaBoo atomizer in the Kleipeng atomizer family, its NaBoo atomizing core is a single-shot, large-aperture mesh atomizing core, with a fine mesh, which can bring a larger contact area and larger air intake Aperture. It is understood that the IQOS mesh grid uses a smaller resistance change than the traditional coil, the resistance surface area is 11.7 mm, and the grid material is stainless steel.

The uniform heating of this metal grid heating element is a highlight. During use, it has the advantages of fine atomization and fine taste, and good sealing effect. At present, other brands of electronic cigarettes are gradually being applied. If the related technical difficulties are overcome, there may be more electronic cigarettes that use metal grid heating elements.

3. Vapor technology

Vapor technology, known as Vype puretech technology, can replace the coil and wick heating mechanisms in traditional e-cigarettes. It is reported that the core part of the technology is an ultra-thin stainless steel blade, about the thickness of a hair, with a surface area 10 times larger than traditional coil and core heating systems, which can provide a more precise and measurable way to heat e-liquid.

The technology has been deployed in two new Vype e-cigarette products, Vype iSwitch and Vype iSwitch Maxx, developed in-house by British American Tobacco launched in England.

Electronic cigarettes have entered the fast lane of development. In order to survive and develop, in addition to meeting the most basic functional requirements for cigarette harm reduction, focusing on consumer taste experience is also a major area of exploration.


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