What are the technological breakthroughs of electronic cigarettes?

Since the beginning of 2000, Han Li invented electronic cigarettes, but at first it was for the purpose of replacing cigarettes, basically nicotine. Later, it was found that it was inconvenient to carry, just like his mother skating, so Ruyan started to use it.

The first generation of electronic cigarettes officially came out. In the era of pods, the domestic market was not very good, so they went abroad.

About 10 years ago, the second generation of products came out, which is the mechanical lever. But at that time, big smoke was not yet popular. It was like a flashlight, and it was easy to blow up. Especially at that time, there were still many finished atomizers. What should I do? The box came out, but at first the box was a stable 5V output, you can understand it as a mechanical box, but the output is fixed. But this box is expensive, just to show you a bright, obviously can not meet the needs of the public. Pressure regulating equipment has come out, the most representative of which is the P3 pole. No matter the workmanship or stable output, it is a few streets away from the current pressure regulating poles in China. But the biggest disadvantage of p3 is that it is expensive! This thing is too expensive, who the poor are willing to buy. And only adjusting the voltage obviously can not meet the needs of the public. What we want is fancy DIY, I made a 0.08 resistor, you won’t let me blow it! Well, let’s keep improving the box. First, the voltage can be adjusted, then the power can be adjusted, that is, the number of W, and finally the temperature control. It’s just that temperature control has not become popular because it is too troublesome.

One more thing to mention, one of the world’s best temperature control companies is ours in China. Although China invented electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have been carried forward abroad. So there is a saying in the pit that foreign shit is fragrant. It is true that some people do not believe in domestic production, because the domestic novice market has long been broken by a group of idiots. In fact, most of the e-liquids you smoke are domestically produced, especially after the smuggling was investigated a few months ago, the imported oil has decreased significantly. Some of the oil that comes from the United States is really unaccustomed to China. Just like Jiangxi people love spicy food, if you ask Cantonese people to go to Jiangxi to try extra spicy food, you will be able to cry in the middle of spicy food. Of course, there are always a few different flavors, and maybe the ones that can be smoked are in the minority. Finally, a statement: I don’t say that the domestic products are good or bad, not to say that the domestic products with relatively high visibility in the market can be used.

Of course, you will naturally understand when you enter the circle, those are the ones with higher visibility. Generally speaking, the real popularity of electronic cigarettes starts from the box. What the box market is currently looking at is actually the chip and the appearance of workmanship.

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