What are the little knowledge of electronic cigarettes?

Have you ever encountered the trouble of oil leakage from the pod? It’s only been opened for a day, and the e-liquid in the e-cigarette cartridge is running out? Not sure if it’s condensation or an oil leak? Even though it was used with care, it was suddenly sweetened to a bite? Why is there a faint mushy smell? Why can’t I smoke sometimes? Let me explain to you in detail:

Oil leakage (it is most important to distinguish whether it is condensate or e-liquid)

1. Improper use. The flue mouth, oil filling and suction are all the same pipe, use it vertically, do not lie down to smoke!

2. High temperature and high pressure. Try not to put the pod in a high-heat environment, and try not to take the pod on the plane!


1. The e-liquid does not touch the bottom when smoking is improperly used, and the bottom of the cartridge is directly heated. Or there is too little e-juice left, resulting in uneven heating.

2. Backlog of condensate clean up the backlog of condensate in the smoke rod in time.

no smoke

1. The channel is blocked. The pod channel is blocked by foreign objects, and the pod nozzle is thrown down a few times.

2. The bottom condensate is blocked. If you see accumulated condensate at the bottom of the pod, please bump the bottom of the pod on a flat table to disperse the condensate.

3. The solution to poor contact is to press the four small copper points at the bottom of the cartridge and move the position of the cartridge left and right in the rod.

4. If the heating wire is broken or other uncommon problems, please contact the service personnel in time.

Below are some of the advantages of using e-cigarettes: including but not limited to

Many brands of electronic cigarettes insist on not burning, free of harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide, effectively reducing the damage of traditional electronic cigarettes by 95%!

How to maintain electronic cigarettes?

First, separate the pod and the atomizing rod, wipe the bottom of the pod and the inside of the pod with a cotton swab, wipe it carefully, expose it to the air for 10 minutes, and then reuse it.

Keep the air holes of the electronic cigarette unobstructed. If the air holes are blocked, the use effect will be poor.

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