What are the differences between VG PG in e-liquid?

VG is the abbreviation of English vegetable glycerin. Because VG is extracted from plants, many e-cigarette users believe that VG is healthier. VG is viscous and has a large specific gravity, so it produces a large amount of smoke. People who like VG find it comfortable to pump their throats, but some people don’t feel it. VG produces less irritation and allergy than PG, but some users report phlegm in the throat.

VG is naturally sweet, and some users think this is very good, and there is no need to add sweeteners to sweet-flavored e-liquids. The sweetness of VG is not from the sweetener or sugar in the flavor, but from the taste of VG itself, which is better. However, some users feel that the sweetness of VG is too much, overshadowing the taste of the e-liquid itself.

PG is the abbreviation of propylene glycol in English. PG is produced by the hydration of propylene oxide. PG is much thinner than VG and produces much less smoke. However, the PG will have a strong throat hit, and many users like this feeling.

PG has been recognized by the FDA as a safe food additive. However, from the reactions of e-cigarette users, some users experienced adverse reactions such as allergies after using e-liquids containing PG. Allergies can be large or small, with mild throat discomfort, severe itching, accompanied by symptoms of dizziness and nausea. If there is an allergic reaction, such people will choose VG’s e-liquid.

The advantages and disadvantages of VG PG e-liquid

Advantages of VG

  1. Big smoke
  2. Healthy, less allergic reaction
  3. Natural sweetness
  4. Soothing the throat


  1. E-liquid is viscous and difficult to guide oil
  2. Poor throat hit
  3. Sweetness may overwhelm aroma
  4. Dry mouth and phlegm

PG advantages

  1. Ease of fragrance blending
  2. Strong throat hit
  3. The smoke oil is good


  1. Although FDA recognizes it as safe, there are any reports of adverse reactions
  2. E-liquid needs to be sweetened with sweeteners
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