What are the common problems of electronic cigarette oil?

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1.The relationship between nicotine solution and throat hit?

The higher the nicotine content, the stronger the throat hit and the greater the irritation. It is recommended to try most of the 6GM player options first, and if you feel that it is not enough, then add it. After all, we are here to quit smoking, not to be more exciting.

2.Do I need to clean the oil tank before replacing the e-juice?

It is a good habit to clean the oil tank before changing the e-liquid. As long as you are not a very particular person, not cleaning is not a big problem. Regular maintenance of equipment is sufficient.

3.What’s the matter with choking throat?

The cause of choking is usually the first few mouths that have just been assembled. It is because the oil on the new cotton wick is not fully volatilized before oil filling, and is directly sucked up by you through the air hole. Before closing the oil tank, please drop a little e-liquid on the new cotton wick, light it and let it burn sufficiently, and then there will be no such phenomenon.

4.Is it true that the longer the e-liquid is stored, the better?

Absolutely not. Some e-juices will become softer as the time of waking up increases, but not all e-juices are like this, and some e-juices will lose some of their due flavors after a long time. Any e-juice should be used up as soon as possible after opening. The e-juice has basically woken up before leaving the factory, and there is no need to wake up too much.

5.Does a good oil have to use a good atomizer?

Are you sure that 97 gasoline should be put in Charley? There is no requirement to do so, but a good atomizer is more likely to bring out the full flavor of your e-liquid, especially the high-end e-liquid.

6.How to judge the quality of e-liquid, and whether it is suitable for you?

Even familiar friends, we do not easily recommend flavors. Because it was recommended to him, he bought it and it tasted wrong, and people knew that we didn’t hurt him, but after all, it was bought with real money.

After all, e-liquid is an existence that is difficult to adjust. You may not like what I like. Try different brands and flavors, and slowly you can find the one that suits you. We all come here. Buy a 10ML bottle to try

7.Why does the smoke smell like rust when imported?

That’s because the cotton is not full of hot filaments, or the oil guide is not smooth. After the hot filament evaporates the e-liquid in an instant, there is no subsequent supply, so there will be a smell of dry burning hot filaments. Re-adjusting the cotton core can generally be solved.

8.Why does my tongue tingle when I smoke e-cigarettes?

The e-juice is incompletely atomized in the atomizer, and if a part of the e-juice is brought into the mouth, there will be a feeling of numbness on the tongue. Electronic cigarettes are vapor-like, and some of them will condense in the mouth, and a slight tingling sensation has little effect. Try to increase the output power and try to make the e-liquid atomization as complete as possible.

9.Why does the same e-liquid taste different on the same atomizer?

Each time you adjust the atomizer, even if the settings are the same, there will be slight differences. However, the reason that can affect the taste is mainly because the cotton core is continuously heated repeatedly, and some of it is still coked.

If it is a new cotton wick and the taste has changed a lot, check whether the e-liquid has expired, or there is suspended matter, which has deteriorated.

10.Why do some e-liquids damage the atomization chamber?

At present, only e-juice with high VG content may damage the acrylic tank. VG can corrode acrylic materials. If you choose to use an acrylic chamber, please pay attention to the VG content of the e-liquid.

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