Top ten frequently asked questions about Electronic Cigarette Oil

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1. Why do I get dry mouth when I smoke e-cigarettes? 

Very normal. Because the main components of glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) in e-liquid are highly water-absorbing substances.

Any advertisement that says anything about e-juice without dry mouth is not credible. It’s just that everyone’s ability to produce oral saliva is different. Some people have strong secretion ability, so they will not feel dry mouth. If you happen to be one of those with weak secretions, you just need to drink plenty of water. You don’t have to think about how to change the e-juice to get dry mouth. The composition of e-juice is just like this, and no one can change it.


2. What is wake up oil? Why wake up oil?
E-liquid is composed of a variety of polymer composite chemical substances. It also includes various fragrances, both oily and water-based.
Although their densities are close, there is still separation, just like water and oil. Awakening the oil is to allow them to fully integrate with each other and finally reach a balance.

3. Is it difficult to DIY e-liquid yourself? Is it safe?

Making your own e-liquid itself is not difficult. After selecting the ingredients, you can adjust according to the recipe. Where DIY e-juice is really risky is the credibility of the raw materials. Please try to choose a supplier with FDA, USP, EP certification. Blindly pursuing low prices is definitely not a good thing, after all, it is something that is inhaled into the lungs.



4. Why does my e-liquid have no taste at all in my mouth?

Not everyone feels the same about e-liquids. It is completely normal for some heavy smokers to feel that e-cigarettes are boring or not as good as expected.

But sometimes novice players have too little smoke due to equipment settings. Since I have no impression of the first sense of electronic cigarettes, I mistakenly think that electronic cigarettes have no taste, which is also the case. To be honest, the overall taste of a successfully prepared electronic cigarette should be rich and sweet, except for the difference in taste.


5. Why does the smoke I smoke with this nebulizer taste better than the other?

An excellent atomizer may have its own style through the different degrees of air intake and atomization. A lot of players have 4 or 5 atomizers, but most people use only one. Because that nebulizer is in perfect harmony with his own feelings.

So when novice players choose atomizers, try to choose popular ones, and don’t be influenced by appearance and advertising words. Because most people’s choices are worth considering.


6. The e-liquid is too sweet and too greasy, why is it swollen?

Some e-liquids taste sweet and greasy, so this flavor may not be suitable for you. It may also be because the e-liquid’s wake-up process has not been fully completed before leaving the factory. You can choose to leave it for two weeks before tasting, or add VG to dilute the taste, or you can directly choose to change the taste.

Therefore, when trying a new e-liquid for the first time, we do not recommend buying many large bottles at one time, because the flavor may not be suitable for you. Old birds always buy small bottles first, decide which flavor they want to smoke, and then buy a few more large bottles of the same flavor.


7. What is throat hit?

This is a difficult question to answer. The moment the smoke is drawn into the mouth from the outlet, the nicotine contained in it will give your throat a slight irritation. It is similar to the irritating feeling of a cigarette when it enters the mouth, except that when a cigarette burns, there are not only nicotine but also many other chemical components, and the irritating feeling is even greater.

And electronic cigarettes do not have such a strong sense of stimulation, and can only simulate the feeling of the entrance of a cigarette. It would be wrong to say that it feels exactly the same as a cigarette. So when you buy electronic cigarettes, any merchants say that the taste is the same as real cigarettes, please keep your eyes open.


8. What is VG, PG?

VG refers to Vegetable Glycerin. Also known as vegetable glycerin, also known as glycerol. For specific chemical descriptions, please refer to Baidu Encyclopedia. Glycerin is one of the two basic solutions that make up smoke liquid, and it is also the main source of smoke. The higher the glycerin content, the greater the smoke produced by the e-liquid. Generally, players who drip oil use pure VG e-liquid when they play big smoke or games.

PG refers to Propylene Glycol, the scientific name is also known as propylene glycol. It is another basic solution for composing e-liquid. Its role in e-liquid is to dissolve flavors and mix other solutions, while also providing a certain throat hit.



9. Why do I faint after taking two puffs?

Everyone’s tolerance to nicotine is different. E-liquid itself is a product containing nicotine. If you feel dizzy when you smoke e-cigarettes, you can try e-liquid with low nicotine content, or e-liquid with no nicotine content. If you still feel dizzy, please stop using vaping products immediately, after all, health is not a child’s play.


10. What concentration of nicotine content is better?

We cannot advise you what concentration of e-liquid is better to choose. At present, most of the electronic players choose 6MG, whether it is throat hit or taste is enough. But if you’re just starting to quit smoking, choose some high-strength ones so your withdrawal isn’t as strong. Quitting smoking is a slow and arduous process, we take it step by step.


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