Top ten analysis of common problems of e-liquid

The entry process of e-cigarettes is full of various doubts and surprises. As the most important consumable in the use of e-cigarettes, e-liquid will also have large and small problems and doubts during use. Today, the author will explain some problems that may be encountered during the use of electronic cigarette oil from the perspective of a novice, hoping to help newcomers solve their doubts.

1. Why can’t the bottle cap be opened even after exhausting the “power of the wild”?

The e-juice bottle caps are designed with safety caps with child locks to prevent accidental ingestion by children. Only by pressing the bottle cap down and rotating it can the bottle cap be opened smoothly.

2. Why does the smoke choke the throat when using e-cigarettes for the first time?

The smoke produced by electronic cigarettes and the smoke produced by paper cigarettes are two different forms of things. Electronic cigarette oil atomizes a misty substance similar to water vapor, while paper cigarettes burn to produce smoke. When adapting to e-cigarettes in the early stage, everyone can use the method of “running cigarettes”, inhale quickly and spit quickly, and slowly adapt to the smoke generated by e-liquid.

3. Why do the lips feel dry when using electronic cigarettes?

VG is an important component of the smoke produced by e-cigarette oil, and VG has a strong dehydration ability, and the moisture of the lips will be absorbed by VG. It is recommended to pay attention to drinking water frequently during the use of electronic cigarettes to replenish water.

4. Why is there a sweet taste in the lips when using electronic cigarettes?

Accidentally inhaling e-juice or condensate will feel sweet on the lips, because the flavors contained in VG and e-juice have a certain sweetness. Release the ignition key at the end of inhalation to control the generation of condensate, which can reduce the occurrence of this situation.

5. Why does the color of e-liquid change?

After the e-juice is opened, it will be oxidized in contact with the air, especially the e-juice dripped in the dripping atomizer. If it is left for a period of time, the color of the e-juice will gradually turn reddish-brown. After opening the e-juice, be sure to tighten the cap tightly and do not receive direct light.

6. Why does the fluidity of e-liquid change?

When the temperature drops, the fluidity of e-liquid will become worse, especially for some e-liquids with high VG content, the fluidity will become very poor when the temperature is low in winter.

7. Why are some e-liquids easy for the atomizer to stick to the core?

The content of VG contained in the e-liquid is different, and the absorption speed of the cotton core is also different. E-juice with high VG content is used on atomizers with small oil guide holes, which will have the problem of poor oil guide.

8. What causes the coil to turn black and the cotton to change color?

The flavors used in some e-liquids can easily produce carbonized substances during the heating process, which is the main culprit that causes the coil to turn black and the cotton to discolor. At the same time, the condensate returning from the inner wall of the atomizer will also aggravate the generation of carbon deposits.

9. Why do some e-liquids have strong irritation to the throat when used?

Generally speaking, the nicotine contained in e-liquid is the main substance that irritates the throat, and the e-liquid with high nicotine will cause strong irritation to the throat. At the same time, some types of fragrances can also irritate the throat after heating.

10. Why do water droplets form in the nasal cavity after spraying smoke with the nose?

The water droplets in the nasal cavity are condensate, and the atomized smoke will change from a mist state to a liquid state when the temperature changes. Due to the water absorption of VG, it is not recommended to frequently spray the fumes through the nasal cavity.

11. Why do different e-liquids with the same nicotine content have different throat hits?

Due to the different flavors used in the e-liquid, the irritation of the e-liquid to the throat is very different. Generally speaking, the irritation of the fruit-flavored e-liquid is much lower than that of the tobacco flavor. E-liquids with high VG content will feel more smooth to the throat during use.

Electronic cigarette is a new thing, everyone has a process to contact new things, and the author also came from the direction of newcomers. E-liquid is an indispensable part of the components of e-cigarettes. It seems very simple, but in actual use, some small problems will affect your experience of e-cigarettes. Therefore, when you encounter a problem in use, first check the cause of the problem and consider how to solve the problem. If you can’t solve the problem yourself, communicate and learn with other players in the forum. This is also a great fun, which not only enriches your spare time, but also makes friends Meet friends who share common interests.


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