Top 10 Hottest Vape Girls on Instagram

The Internet, and especially the rise of social media networks, has allowed us to share our interests, beliefs, and everything else with just a few clicks. Many aspiring influencers don’t even know how far the content they share will expand, but many of them are well-known around the world.

In this article, we will see 10 hot girls on Instagram. We’ll see how their followers react to what these talented, successful and beautiful vape models place.

What are vape girls and what are their goals?

Vape girls are all women who use social media to promote any particular form of vaping culture. They can be freelance models, entrepreneurs posting content related to products or services that someone has hired them to promote, or they can be promoting their brand. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of vape girls who just do it for the love, let’s take a look at ten famous vape girls.

Number of followers: 1.6 million

This hot girl from Orlando, Florida is just what the vape needs. She combines interesting environments for her articles, showing different vape products, and attracting the public with a dazzling figure. With 1.6 million followers, Pandora blue has become one of the most popular vape promoters on Instagram.

Number of fans: 230,000

Judging by Farrah’s Instagram photos, she’s a “girl next door” type of girl. However, she looks gentle and unassuming, but is one of the most popular girls in the community.

The Farrah Instagram page has over 230k followers who love Farrah’s daily posts, various sponsored content, and the occasional giveaway action. We can say that Farrah has successfully combined several important social network communication techniques to make them all work for her.

Number of fans: 180,000

Nothing beats being called an official vape queen, especially for a talented misaliaa like us. This vape girl is one of the most talented actors out there, with nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram. Her content is less reliant on overall aesthetic appeal, focusing mostly on the quality of her short video performances.

The effort can be seen by viewers who did their best to show their appreciation for Misaliaa’s efforts in the video. She clearly proved that you don’t need to master video editing skills, all you need is talent and a love of what you do.

Number of fans: 120,000

Tattoos, piercings, and many more, these are the signs of _justpeachyy, also known as Hannah. With over 120,000 followers and thousands of posts on Instagram, she is doing her best to promote a “bad girl vaping” attitude throughout the vaping community and network.

Her posts are often sponsored by different brands of e-juice and equipment manufacturers, and she promotes an amazing quality of photography. She never misses an opportunity to say thanks for every compliment and always answers any content related questions.

Number of fans: 100,000

In short, Natasha is a magician, and we’re a talented person here. There are tons of vape tips in her post, some of which might make you ask yourself if you’re seeing real or awesome CG effects.

Natasha does her best to keep her content less provocative and focus all attention on her talents as a performer. That’s why she gets a lot of respect from other influential vapers.

Number of fans: 80,000

If there is a sexy and eye-catching way to promote vaping on the internet, Priscilla must be right! There’s more than one way to her pictures smoking hot. This blonde vape model blends elegantly designed vaping products with an alluring look.

Her photos are really attractive, and various flavors of e-liquid can be seen everywhere in the photos, making the audience wonder, what is hidden in her photos? Every amazing post gets thousands of likes, and the comments section is never short of compliments.

Number of fans: 70,000

Elyssa Rose is a Filipino vape model who makes everyone happy by spending her time enjoying vape products and posting them on Instagram. Her photos are less provocative because of the great creative composition of the photos.

Not only do her fans get a chance to enjoy adorable photos, but they also get to know about recent discounts, new vape products, and upcoming events.

Elyssa is always happy to discuss with her fans, and they will compliment them in new posts they make.

Number of fans: 30,000

Valerie is another famous magic girl whose videos are enjoyed by thousands of people every day. This young performer and vape promoter has brought her vaping skills to a high level of quality. This piqued the interest of viewers who couldn’t wait to see what the talented man would do next.

Valerie likes to give her fans the occasional giveaway and cool product reviews. She is no doubt the object of the admiration of many aspiring vapers, and the comments are always filled with praise for her skills.

Number of fans: 30,000

The future of vaping is sure to follow a straight and safe path, with girls like Chrystianna (aka ohmmywgattsup) leading the younger generation of vapers. This is a talented Instagram model who posts regular content, promotes new products, and shows off some amazing vape tricks.

By the looks of her Instagram profile, it’s easy to notice that she gets a lot of love from her peers and always has a suitable model by her side. The unusual combination of youth, beauty and talent is key to over 30,000 followers, and we’re sure to see that number rise further.

Number of fans: 18,000

Alli Embers loves to incorporate vape, food and the outdoors into her Instagram photos. Every time a new post is published, it attracts thousands of followers. She is committed to promoting various products for a number of vape industry companies.

Each of her videos has a real style and creativity that goes beyond Instagram’s day-to-day modeling. From time to time she shows the audience some of the nifty vape tricks she performs.

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