Atomizor Coil Of E-Cigarette, Types & Application

The evolution and iteration of the flexibility of electronic cigarettes has gradually evolved from a large smoke box to a small smoke rod type electronic cigarette. The common smoke oil type electronic cigarette is generally composed of three parts: the smoke rod, the atomizing core and the smoke oil chamber, and the battery is set in the smoke rod. Inside, the atomizing core is set in the e-liquid chamber. After the battery is energized, the heating wire generates heat, and the heating wire atomizes the e-liquid in the atomizing core, and the atomized gas is exported to the cigarette holder. play an important role.

The structure of the atomizing core has been evolved and developed for many generations, and it is mainly divided into the following categories;

Metal heating wire + cotton coil

Metal heating wire + fiber rope

Porous + metal heating wire co-firing

Porous + Thick Film Sintering

In fact, the above types of atomizing coil can be classified into two types: cotton coils and ceramic coils.

COTTON COIL (heating wire wrapped around cotton) Usually coil (usually nickel) and cotton.

After the cotton absorbs the e-liquid, the coil wound on it is energized to generate heat energy to heat the e-liquid. Some coils can be repeatedly tied with new coils and replaced with new cotton. The advantages of the oil guide cotton are that it has a large oil storage capacity, good oil conductivity, and low cost, but has a short life and is easy to dry and burn, and is suitable for disposable electronic cigarettes.

Ceramic coil

With the increase of refillable electronic cigarettes on the market, in order to obtain better atomization taste and prevent dry burning, manufacturers began to conduct research on alternative materials for atomizing cores, and microporous ceramic materials began to be used, which determined the supply of atomizing cores. oil capacity. Microporous ceramics have the characteristics of strong adsorption, high temperature resistance, co-firing circuits, safety and non-toxicity, which can meet the requirements of making electronic cigarette cores.

Compared with atomizing cores composed of other materials, such as heating wire and fiber rope, heating wire and organic cotton, the characteristics of ceramic atomizing core are: during the heating process, its temperature will rise faster and the temperature uniformity is better. Well, the temperature range is more precisely controlled. In this way, the generation of aldehydes and ketones during the use process can be reduced to a greater extent, thereby ensuring the safety of the use process.

The electronic cigarette core of microporous ceramics has the following technical characteristics:

The surface of microporous ceramics is hygroscopic. By reasonably controlling the porosity, micropore size, specific surface area and water content of microporous ceramics, the dry and humidity adjustment of local areas can be realized.

It can realize the smooth supply of e-liquid to the atomizer, and the adsorption and self-locking function. Compared with the traditional cotton-covered atomizing core, the taste is better, the experience is better, and it is not easy to leak oil.

Due to the high temperature resistance of the ceramic itself, even if there is an instantaneous high temperature phenomenon, the cotton burning phenomenon of the traditional cotton wrapping process will not occur.

Microporous ceramic refers to a ceramic body containing a large number of open or closed tiny pores in the interior or surface of the ceramic, and its pore size is generally micron or submicron.

The mainstream process used in the processing of ceramic thick film atomizing cores is the combination of dry pressing and thick film printing. Dry pressing is the use of pressure to press ceramic powder into a certain shape of the body. Its essence is that under the action of external force, the powder particles approach each other in the mold, and are firmly combined by internal friction to maintain a certain shape, and then use the metal paste thick film printing equipment to coat the ceramic surface to make a new heating stuff.

Ceramic atomizing core brands mainly include FEELM from Maxwell, Silmo from ALD, μKERA™ from Juwei, AX from Huachengda, PREFILM from Icap, and BCORE from Bodi. There are many brands of electronic cigarettes that use ceramic cores, such as RELX, ice shell bink, NRX Niwei, Yuzu YOOZ, Xiwu and so on.

Finished atomizing core

In addition to the above two, today I will take stock of another relatively rare atomizing core – finished atomizing core. This is a special atomizing core for big smoke. With the development of the miniaturization of big smoke, it is suitable for the finished atomizing core. There are also many types of small cigarettes, such as SMOK RMP 40 KIT, VOOPOO VINCI, Vaporesso Target PM80, ASVAPE HITA and so on.

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