Top 10 best brands of electronic cigarettes in the world?

Smoking is harmful to health. Many smokers use e-cigarettes as a transition. They hope to successfully stay away from cigarettes with the help of e-cigarettes. There are also some smokers who just follow the trend and pursue fashion. Whatever the purpose, the market demand for e-cigarettes is growing, and quality must be guaranteed at the time of purchase. Which brand of electronic cigarette is good?

1. Oval: Made in Italy


Oval is an electronic cigarette brand developed in Italy. Which brand of electronic cigarettes is good? It is the leader of the global electronic cigarette industry.

It is also the most mature electronic cigarette product on the market at present. It is easy to use, has a large amount of smoke, and has a strong sense of satisfaction. With Glas e-liquid, vanilla fruit macarons, and vanilla doughnuts, the taste is very good!


2. Huali Gate: Made in China


Hualimen was established in 2014. It is a new star in the electronic cigarette industry. With the theme of a new and healthy smoking cessation for Chinese people, it brings smokers an excellent enjoyment of sensory and smoking. It ranks second among the five best brands of electronic cigarettes in the world in online sales. Hualimen electronic cigarette is an imitation cigarette brand, which has the same appearance, smoke, taste and feeling as cigarettes.


3. MK smoking set: Made in the United States


The advertising slogan of MK smoking equipment: “MK electronic cigarette, born for the future”, with the concept of advocating healthy smoking, combined with the leading level of atomization, to achieve the dream of healthy smoking. Which brand of electronic cigarette is good? It ranks third in the ranking of the five best electronic cigarette brands in the world. It is carefully crafted with the world’s highest quality raw materials, and the smoke is delicate and mellow. The electronic cigarette is coming, and the taste is very satisfying. It is a perfect substitute for cigarettes.


4. Boulder: Made in America


Bode is an internationally renowned e-cigarette brand and one of the top seven e-cigarette brands in the United States. It is famous for its purity, safety and health. Its atomized cigarettes do not contain tar, benzene, carbon monoxide, suspended particles and other ingredients in cigarettes, and there is no diffuse second-hand smoke hazard. The production standard is completely sterile, with high safety performance, and the taste is also particularly delicate and mellow.




It uses the top e-cigarette manufacturing technology in Europe, and with its pure natural extraction, it can pass the EU safety test with full marks. After the brand was put on the market, it quickly became an Internet celebrity product, which was very popular in China and also very popular abroad. It is in a leading position in the safety of electronic cigarettes. If you want to buy electronic cigarettes as gifts, you can consider it for personal use.

To sum up, we all know which brand of electronic cigarette is good, the top five brands in the world. These five electronic cigarettes are safe and easy to buy, and they are also the five best electronic cigarettes on the Internet. However, since it is smoke, it is harmful to the body, so be careful.


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