tment method of finished TANK oil leakage

The atomizer made a grunting sound when it was pumped, and it even sucked into the mouth. It will be very uncomfortable in terms of experience and suction. Of course, we hope to have a good suction experience. For finished products and most DIY types of atomizers, we only need to pay attention to the following aspects, and we can basically pick them up again. Back to a good experience.

Oil spill solution:

  1. Inspection of external factors

For the overall damage of the atomizer, such as the damage of the glass bin, it is easy to find out the reason, not much to say.

Sealing rubber rings will be set at the metal joints of an intact atomizing core. These sealing rubber rings will be completely placed in the designed grooves. The purpose is to ensure the overall sealing performance of the atomizer and ensure that the e-liquid will not leak The location of the connection point is leaked.

In case of oil leakage, you can check whether the sealing rubber ring on the atomizing core has fallen off. Usually, if the sealing ring is falling off, the oil leakage phenomenon will be more serious, because it is difficult to connect the joints with metal threads only. A good seal needs to rely on the assistance of the sealing ring to complete the sealing without oil leakage.

If the sealing rubber ring is damaged, check whether the rubber ring at the connection point on the atomizer is damaged (the rubber ring in the picture is exaggerated by artificial tossing), generally the atomizer will be equipped with spare parts for replacement, and replace it with new ones decisively. of the sealing ring. If the apron of the core is damaged, it can only be replaced by grabbing the apron on the same core of others (please ignore this bad idea), and when assembling the atomizer for the first time, you can moisten a little smoke on the rubber ring Oil, if it is too dry, forcibly installing it will cause great damage to the rubber ring.

  1. Inspection of the inner core

If the oil leakage of the atomizer has occurred, and the above problems have been solved, first remove the oil tank and remove the core. At this time, if there is too much e-juice in the core, you can use a small paper towel to stick into the core to absorb some of the excess e-juice. The main thing is to wipe off the excess e-liquid or condensed liquid on the electrode, that is, to keep the core dry.

For the core with an oil-pressing net on the core, try to control the amount of paper towels and try not to damage the integrity of the core. You can also put the core back on the base, ignite and evaporate some of the excess e-liquid in the core (belonging to the type of play, not recommended).

Usually, whether it is condensation or leaking liquid, it will eventually converge on the base. No matter how much it leaks from the air intake, it is also an essential step to clean up the liquid on the base.

Usually the common oil leakage problem of finished atomizers is nothing more than pay attention to the way of refueling, it is best not to add too much oil, often clean the atomizer flue and base, and often check the sealing rubber ring at the connection between the atomizing core and the oil tank. Pay attention to your posture. The “blowing” of the finished atomizer during use is also the key to causing oil leakage. For the finished product, the structure is not very complicated, so it is easier to solve, and there are not too many points to pay attention to. After all, it saves a lot of trouble.

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