Tips for using e-cigarettes

  1. For friends who have a refrigerator at home, it is recommended to refrigerate the cartridges that are not used temporarily (the taste is pleasantly surprised)
  2. The pod should be placed in a cool and bright place, out of the reach of children and pets, and the pod should not be charged in a high temperature environment where the human body feels uncomfortable.
  3. The reason that the throat feels dry during the use of electronic cigarettes is because the main component of e-liquid is Vg, namely vegetable glycerin. Vg has water absorption, which can be solved by drinking more water.
  4. A hot day. The weather or high temperature will cause the pod to evaporate at high temperature and cause oil leakage or oil leakage. It should be avoided to be placed in direct sunlight or in the car for a long time in hot summer.
  5. Long-distance transportation in high temperature weather may also cause oil seepage or oil leakage. First, wipe the pod with a paper towel and shake the pod mouth down several times, and then wipe the pod with a paper towel, the problem is basically solved.
  6. There is a grunting sound or oil entering the mouth when the pod is in use. These sounds remind you that Zhouye has cleaned up the condensate of the pod. Shake the pod with the mouth down and wipe it clean.
  7. If you feel that you can’t finish smoking so many pods within a week, try to open as little as possible. If you open the package and smoke a few puffs, leave it alone = oil leakage + oxidation + smell.
  8. Be sure to unplug the pod when charging the pod. Charging will cause the pod to heat up, and the pod will have oil seepage or oil leakage when it is preheated.
  9. Do not use the fast charging head when charging the cigarette rod! Huawei, Samsung, VIVO, OPPO and other mobile phone charging heads are all fast charging heads! The standard safe power of the cigarette rod is generally 5V1A fast charging charging head, which will cause overload protection in light, and damage the motherboard in heavy! The charging time of the cigarette rod is 30-50 minutes, do not overcharge!
  10. When taking planes, high-speed trains and other means of transportation, you should pay attention to the liquid capacity of the carrier. Normally, you cannot carry too much (see the regulations for specific capacity). When you bring in, the pods and pods need to be placed separately. Remove the package, air pressure changes will cause oil leakage.
  11. For routine maintenance, develop the habit of pulling out the cigarette rod and the pod and wipe it with a paper towel every day. Use the paper towel to wipe the inner compartment of the cigarette rod clean, and then use the paper towel to wipe the contact position between the rear of the pod and the cigarette rod. This prevents breakage and build-up of oil seepage caused by condensate. Regular maintenance can effectively reduce oil leakage.

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