Three heating methods for heating cigarettes: electric heating type (cooling and deoxygenation), fuel heating type, physical and chemical reaction heating type

As we all know, when traditional tobacco products (cigarettes) burn, the temperature of the central part is as high as 700-900 °C, and the edge temperature can reach 200-300 °C. More importantly, when it burns, it releases a variety of harmful substances, especially tar, so it has been controversial and criticized for a long time.

In recent years, with the continuous increase of tobacco control efforts worldwide and the improvement of people’s health awareness, the sales of traditional tobacco products have shown a downward trend, and even stagnated in some developed countries. Under this background, new tobacco products began to emerge quietly and develop rapidly.

New tobacco products mainly include heated cigarettes (eHTP), electronic cigarettes (NCS), and smokeless tobacco products.

  1. Heated cigarettes, also known as heated non-combustion tobacco. Below 500°C (usually in the range of 250°C-350°C), only tobacco is heated without burning, but it can deliver a sense of satisfaction and part of the tobacco flavor to consumers, and there is basically no sidestream smoke.

Heated non-combustion tobacco products have the characteristics of “heating cut tobacco or tobacco extract instead of burning cut tobacco”, which reduces the harmful components produced by high-temperature combustion and cracking of tobacco, and greatly reduces the release of mainstream smoke chemical components. At the same time, unlike conventional cigarette smoldering, the cut tobacco is in a non-burning/non-heating state during intermittent smoking, so sidestream smoke and ambient smoke are also greatly reduced.

  1. Electronic cigarette is an electronic delivery system of nicotine, which is used to generate aerosol containing nicotine for people to smoke, so that consumers can obtain the satisfaction similar to smoking traditional cigarettes. The maximum atomization temperature of electronic cigarettes does not exceed 350°C.

The structure of electronic cigarette mainly includes battery and cartridge, which can be divided into two parts: atomizer and liquid smoke. According to whether the battery and the pod can be separated, the electronic cigarette can be divided into two types: one-piece and two-piece. The battery of the split electronic cigarette can be reused by charging, and the cartridge can also be replaced

  1. Smokeless tobacco products mainly provide consumers with a sense of satisfaction by snuffing, sucking, and chewing tobacco, including snus and snuff.

There are the most diverse forms of snus products, mainly including bagged snus, chemical-containing, chewing tobacco, moist tobacco powder, gum-based chewing gum, etc. It is a smokeless tobacco product containing nicotine, which is ground into powder. The tobacco is mixed with salt and water, and sometimes spices such as bergamot oil, rose oil, or licorice. Snus is made by autoclaving (unfermented) and inhaling nicotine by snuffing. Because of this, many people consider moist snuffs to be a healthier option than cigarettes.

The heating methods of heating cigarettes mainly include three types: electric heating type, fuel heating type (such as carbon heating), and physical and chemical reaction heating type (such as physical crystallization, chemical reaction, etc.).

  1. Electric heating type: cooling heating and deoxidizing heating

At present, the mainstream heated cigarettes (HNB) in the market mainly adopt the electric heating type cooling and heating method. The shredded tobacco or the nicotine-containing atomizing liquid is heated and atomized by the heating device (battery and atomizing core). The working temperature of heated cigarettes is below 500°C, generally between 250°C and 350°C. The main technical points involved in heating cigarettes are heat sources, heating devices, control systems, tobacco formulations and materials, additives, adsorbents, and overall structural design. The core technology of heating non-combustion tobacco products is mainly reflected in tobacco formulations and materials, overall product structure design, additives and adsorbents, heating devices, control systems, etc.

Representatives of domestic heated cigarettes include Sichuan China Tobacco’s “Wide and Narrow? Kung Fu”, Yunnan China Tobacco’s “MC”, Guangdong China Tobacco’s “MU+” and “ING”, China Tobacco’s “MOK” and “COO”, Anhui Zhongyan The “top” of cigarettes, the “square inch” of Shandong China Tobacco, etc.;

Representatives of foreign heated cigarettes include iQOS from Philip Morris International (brands of cigarettes are Marlboro, HEETS and PARLIAMENT, and brands of cigarettes are iQOS), Glo from British American Tobacco (brand of cigarettes is Kent, and brands of cigarettes are Glo). , Japan Tobacco’s Ploom Tech (the cartridge brand is Ploom Tech, and the matching smoking set brand is Mevius), etc.

Representatives of electronic cigarettes at home and abroad, including RELX, YOOZ, Magic Flute, JUUL, etc.

Natural smoke products (Nature Smoke Cigarettes, NSCs) are a class of tobacco products formed by the natural generation, diffusion and extraction of smoke without the influence of exogenous substances. Its core elements are low oxygen environment and extraction methods. That is, to achieve the purpose of heat-not-burn by reducing the oxygen content, two core elements are needed: “creating a low-oxygen environment for tobacco substrates” and “building a natural smoke extraction method”.

Natural flue gas product technology is a new technological innovation starting from regulating oxygen content. It is completely different from the existing six supporting systems in terms of underlying principle, temperature control strategy, cigarette structure, atomization mechanism, transmission characteristics, and consumption experience. HNB low temperature heating technology and products. Compared with HNB products, NSC is closer to traditional cigarettes, and has obvious advantages in the transmission efficiency of smoke and nicotine, the fineness of smoke, the richness and coordination of tobacco aroma, the content of harmful aldehydes and ketones in smoke, and the diversity of product development. Advantage.

NSCs is a collaboration between China National Tobacco Corporation Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute Tobacco Industry Key Laboratory of Tobacco Technology and Yunnan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. Technology Center to jointly propose and build a new category of new tobacco products, which belongs to the category of heated cigarettes. A sort of. Since tobacco giants such as Philip Morris have already applied for a large number of patent protections for core technologies such as heating media and smoking materials for heating cigarettes, relatively complete patent barriers have been formed. Therefore, the natural smoke products (Nature Smoke Cigarettes, NSCs) innovatively launched by domestic tobacco companies are considered to be expected to break through the patented technical barriers of foreign heated cigarettes. At present, Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute and China Tobacco Yunnan have deployed more than 100 patents, trademarks, domain names, etc. in the innovation chain of “principle-technology-product-consumer experience”, and hold core intellectual property rights within the tobacco industry.

  1. Fuel heating type (such as carbon heating)

The carbon heating type does not require a matching smoking set to heat the cigarettes, that is, after igniting, the tobacco is heated without burning, and the vapor containing nicotine is produced. The representative products are the Premier, Eclipse, Revo and Core series products sold by Reynold in the United States, Japan and other countries successively, which belong to the charcoal heating tobacco products in the fuel heating type.

  1. Physical and chemical reaction heating type (such as physical crystallization, chemical reaction, etc.)

At this stage, the new tobacco products of the physical and chemical reaction heating type have only patent protection and no products.

Warm reminder: At present, the domestic heating cigarette category has not been approved for sale, and any smuggling or underground smuggling is illegal.

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