The hot filament art of e-cigarettes

Art of heat wire electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes in 24 base rda atomizer produced enough fascinating sheng players trend direction, playability and scalable, self growth and creation of art form for the smoke from the original evolved to professional players and fun group, the architecture of the electronic cigarette from now on is not pure is a direction of the product demand, but the more diversified complex business.

Heating wire as an important heating component has been providing heating oil material from the traditional loose wound wire to tightly wound wire, a variety of mm A1, SS316, Ni, Ti wire into the market with the overall player market came in more players with creative ability, filament to.

Filaments by a variety of different materials of different size of resistance heating wire by hand or mechanical power, low heat wire formed after the combination of Ω resistance, because most of the filaments is wider in diameter, so a lot of famous drip rda atomizer manufacturers also releasing adaptation such products drops of oil atomizer, someone asked what’s the use of a larger contact area, more packages, With better atomization ability and good oil storage and conduction cotton, e-cigarette atomizers have formed a strong fan group, and the steampunk style has also been extended to the e-cigarette industry.

Practical, the practical value of the finished filament lies in the convenience of installation, convenient replacement, ultra-low ω such as 0.03 or so close to the limit resistance value of the heating wire combination will make the amount of smoke excited to a peak, macro photography beauty has great user attraction, due to the heating wire knowledge is too large, can not be introduced one by one.

Disadvantages: When high frequency users use high complex filament, the overall atomizer 24-drop oil product structure will be overheated, hot and hot. The frequency of use should be reduced as far as possible.

Fuhua heating wire still has a large market in overseas, our Chinese e-cigarette heating wire enterprises are also committed to export, hope that the e-cigarette industry is getting better and better









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