The best CRLBar N5028 launched a one-time luminous electronic cigarette KTV bar nightclub luminous atomized cigarette

Best taste, only CRLBar! N5028’s latest disposable night market electronic cigarette, called Encounter. This electronic cigarette uses 5ML and 8ML fuel tanks, pure cobalt lithium battery, 1500-3000 smokes, 10 flavors. The equivalent of consuming two to three packs of cigarettes.

CRLBar N5028 Meet this night market disposable electronic cigarette also has a light-emitting function, every time after smoking, it will exchange colorful lights, very cool, suitable for social activities in KTV, nightclubs, bars, chess and card rooms and other places A new type of entertainment electronic Atomized product.

We all know that CRLBar’s products are known for their taste. CRLBar’s recently launched disposable flash electronic cigarette is called Encounter, which will make a lot of waves in the whole market, because according to industry insiders, although this is a disposable electronic cigarette, it completely restores the taste of CRLBar. Refillable electronic cigarettes have excellent taste, cool packaging and cool lighting effects, especially suitable for entertainment venues such as bars and nightclubs, and will be a new generation of electronic cigarettes. Stylish young people pay attention to choice.

This luminous disposable electronic cigarette named CRLBar N5028 adopts a cylindrical design, the entire cigarette rod is independent and individual, and the overall design is simple and stylish. Compared with other disposable electronic cigarettes on the market, I was fortunate to experience some recent trial versions of CRLBar N5028. It tastes really good. The taste of the fruit is simply perfectly restored, and the smoke is very large. When it is pulled in, it is very smooth and refreshing, and the experience is very strong.

The CRLBar N5028 night market disposable electronic cigarette is called Encounter. The name is catchy too, reminiscent of my most memorable moments when I first met and fell in love at first sight. Will give you an impressive experience.

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