Recommend ten high-current discharge batteries for ultra-low resistance electronic cigarette players

The battery is the power source of your vaping device, but it can also be a hazard if you use it improperly. If you use an ordinary atomizer, the resistance is relatively high, then you don’t need to consider the limit of the battery at all, but if you DIY the atomizer core, the resistance is lower than 1 ohm, and the output capacity of the battery is at this time. It’s a huge test.

Under normal circumstances, choosing a 10A discharge 18650 battery is sufficient. According to the basic law of physics – Ohm’s law, current = voltage ratio resistance, that is to say, even if your resistance is lower than 1 ohm, such as 0.7 ohm, when the battery voltage is 4.2V, the current is only 6A, which is extremely large. Most batteries will do the job.

However, if you DIY a lower resistance, it will be close to the discharge limit of the battery, so it is not wise to use the battery close to the limit for a long time, because the continuous discharge current is more or less exaggerated, which is why you need a full Batteries that do the job.

Here are ten high-current discharge batteries recommended for ultra-low ohm players

  1. Sony US18650VCT5 – 2600 mAh – 30 A (discontinued)

All three of Sony’s VCT3, 4, and 5 batteries provide 30A of discharge current, making them the perfect choice for mechanical stick players using ultra-low resistance. The VTC5 has the longest lifespan, while the 2100mAh VTC4 and the 1600mAh VTC3 are both worth choosing. They are hybrid chemical positive materials, so even if you discharge high currents for a long time, you are still safe.

  1. Efest 18650 Purple – 2500mAh – 35A

The perfect combination of super large discharge current and high capacity is this Efest lithium manganate battery, which is available in 35A and 30A. Whether the 35A discharge current is necessary is a debatable question, because when the current reaches 30A, it is already extremely low resistance and huge delay, but the increase in capacity makes this battery a competitive product .

  1. Orbtronic 18650 SX30 – 2100 mAh – 30 A

This Orbtronic SX30 battery provides a very strong current output and current. The same SX22 battery is also a good choice. , with 2000mAh capacity and 22A maximum current output. The test performance of Orbtronic cells is excellent, which is due to their use of mixed electrode materials. Orbtronic batteries are made in Japan, and some Orbtronic batteries will be marked as made by Panasonic.

  1. Efest 18650 – 1600 mAh – 30 A

The 30A discharge current is basically the limit of the 18650 battery, and the Efest battery is also very famous in the electronic cigarette circle. This 1600mAh battery is one of the best choices for ultra-low resistance players. The same model also has a 2000mAh lithium manganate battery and a 2250mAh ternary battery with a discharge current of 10A. This battery has been tested by Sun Vapers and is not as good as Sony’s VTC series in performance, but it is still a very good battery.

  1. EH IMR 18650 NP – 1600 mAh – 30 A

Another safe option, but this battery maxes out at 30A, which means it’s one of the best performing 18650 batteries out there. It is made by Sony in Japan, the quality is not to say, and the power is more than other similar high-current batteries. It is a very good choice for mechanical stick players. The same model also has a 1500mAh battery with a maximum discharge current of 22A.

  1. AW IMR 18650 – 1600 mAh – 24 A

AW IMR batteries are highly recommended. This 1600mAh battery has the largest discharge current among them, and is deeply loved by players who pursue high-current batteries. This battery also has a 2000mAh model, but the maximum current is 10A. At low current, the 2000mAh battery lasts longer, especially at 5A or 10A low current, the performance and life are significantly improved. It’s not the perfect battery if you consider high current output, but it is still recommended by many players for its excellent safety.

  1. LG IMR 18650 HE2 – 2500mAh – 20A

Its discharge current is not the largest, but this battery has very large capacity performance. Although its material is lithium manganate, it is actually doped with lithium cobalt oxide, which is why its capacity can be so high. Some dealers say it draws 35A, but this is debatable. This should be its instantaneous maximum current, 20A is the continuous output current, you should pay attention to this. Also, unless you’re playing with ultra-low resistance, there’s absolutely no need to worry about that.

  1. Samsung INR 18650-20R – 2000mAh – 22A

This is a nickel-cobalt-manganese ternary material lithium battery that combines the dual advantages of more stable chemical properties and larger capacity. The maximum continuous discharge current of 22A exceeds that of most 18650 batteries, and the 2000mAh capacity also means longer battery life. In the case of 10A current, it will last longer than most batteries. Of course, using a larger current is not what we recommend and advocate.

  1. MNKE IMR 18650 – 1500mAh – 20A

This battery has been discontinued at present, and it may be available from the merchant’s inventory. This is a battery with very good performance and is often recommended by players. It’s still in stock at a handful of merchants, including MadVapes, but this battery has slightly less battery life.

  1. AW IMR 18490 – 1100 mAh – 16.5 A

IMR batteries are lithium manganate power batteries, a material that can effectively avoid the danger of explosion under extreme conditions. There is no 18650 model for this battery, but if your battery pole is adjustable then this 16.5A discharge battery is perfect for you ultra low ohm players. In addition, AW batteries have a very good reputation in the industry and are often recommended by players.


The 10A discharged battery is enough for most e-cigarette players, but if you provide more power for your ultra-low resistance heating wire, there are still many options. Different batteries may perform differently, but the 30A current limit means you have plenty of room to choose ultra-low resistance values. But it’s better not to hit the 30A limit. Manufacturers often exaggerate battery characteristics, so doing so is risky. And with such a large current of 30A, it is really unnecessary.

If you’re not sure what kind of battery you need, use Ohm’s law to do the math. It’s best to theoretically calculate how much current you need to determine if you are exceeding the limits of the battery. Anyway, if you use very low resistance, you feel nowhere near the limit of the battery, but it’s better to use the battery with the highest current you have

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