Precautions for how to use the 18650 battery commonly used in electronic cigarette mods

18650 lithium battery is the most commonly used battery for various electronic mods and mechanical mods. In addition to ensuring the quality of the battery itself, we also need to understand some common sense in use. 

The numbers 18650 in the 18650 lithium battery represent the appearance size: 18 refers to the battery diameter of 18.0mm, and 650 refers to the battery height of 65.0mm. Common 18650 batteries are divided into lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate and nickel-metal hydride batteries. The voltage and capacity specifications are as follows: Ni-MH battery voltage is 1.2V, common capacity is 2500MAH, and lithium-ion battery voltage is 3.6V, common capacity is 1500MAH-3100MAH.

The importance of the battery protection board: The battery protection board is a protection circuit installed at the negative end of the battery. Among these three main functions, if the selected battery does not have a battery protection board, overcharging can be avoided by the charger protection circuit, and overcurrent is not something we need to worry about if the quality of the battery is passed. But overdischarge has become a situation that we most directly need to face that can damage the battery.

Due to the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries, if the battery exceeds the termination voltage value of battery discharge during the discharge process, and continues to discharge, the internal pressure of the battery may increase, and the reversibility of the positive and negative active materials will be damaged. The capacity is significantly reduced or even completely damaged.

The battery protection board can cut off the circuit before over-discharge occurs and stop over-discharge to protect the battery. Some electronic regulation mod circuit boards have protection functions such as overshoot, overdischarge, and overcurrent, and are less dependent on the battery protection board. Mechanical mods hope to use batteries with protection boards under the best possible conditions. After all, the cost only increases by 1 Yuan or so, but the effect is very big.

In daily use, it is best to control the battery power between 95% and 20%, which can ensure that the battery has a long high-capacity life. Do not overcharge for a long time after being fully charged. The so-called trickle charging is a challenge to the quality and accuracy of the charging protection circuit for lithium batteries. The battery voltage often exceeds the standard voltage by 0.1 volts, that is, from 4.1 volts to 4.2 volts , then the life of the battery will be halved, and then increase by 0.1 volts, the life will be reduced to one-third of the original (NASA has done experiments). Moreover, none of the 18650 charger manufacturers on the market are regular manufacturers (including those with exquisite packaging and sharp workmanship of more than 100 yuan), because the 18650 battery is an industrial power battery, not a civilian battery, it only appears in the form of a spare part in the retail market.

In actual use, every manufacturer of finished products, whether it is a notebook battery, a mobile power bank or any other electronic product, will design a protection circuit for the lithium-ion battery (playing the same role as a battery protection board). However, many chargers on the market only use a built-in battery protection board to act as a protection circuit for the charger in order to save costs. It is difficult to guarantee the safe charging of the battery once it is overcharged for a long time.

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