Novice Xiaobai smokes electronic cigarettes for the first time, would like to ask how to use it?

Precautions for the use of electronic steam:

1. Do not lie on your side or lie down to breathe

2. Insufficient e-liquid evaporation due to inhalation without force

3. Avoid continuous puffs like smoking (3 or 5 puffs per second), which means that it consumes oil and causes insufficient evaporation of e-liquid

4. If it is not used for more than three days, the pod and the pod should be stored separately

If oil leaks: First of all, pay attention to the usual maintenance, do not squeeze too hard, and do not bite the cigarette holder when smoking.

If there is a sticky smell (paste): it may be because the e-liquid does not touch the core, try to take out the cartridge, block the cigarette holder, and suck it from the air inlet below, don’t use too much force. It may also be caused by taking a puff of cigarette for too long or too frequently when using it. When smoking, do not inhale too long or too hard.

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