Mobile phone supply chain accelerates its entry into e-cigarettes

The penetration of the mobile phone industry into the electronic cigarette industry and the distribution of resources have been carried out silently. The demand for resources such as personnel, capital, and equipment in the electronic cigarette industry is much smaller than that of mobile phones. The communication between the two industries is conducive to activating the idle mobile phone industry chain. production capacity, while bringing new vitality to the e-cigarette industry chain.

In addition, appearance characteristics are an important indicator to stimulate purchase desire and demonstrate identity taste. In the past two years, a number of mobile phone industry process technologies have helped improve the appearance of electronic cigarette equipment.

1) At present, CMF, ID, and structural engineers in the mobile phone industry such as Coolpad and Gionee are flowing from mobile phone brand terminals to large electronic cigarette companies;

2) The mobile phone industry is accelerating the deployment of electronic cigarettes. Recently, Coolpad signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yuan Green, a subsidiary of Bolton Group, to enter the electronic cigarette market. hurricane! In addition, the general manager of Yanfrog Technology mentioned in the article a few days ago was the vice chairman of AUNG KAN BO Group, who was in charge of the mobile phone business department. Most of the current executive team of Yanfrog Technology are from the mobile phone industry Gionee, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi Coming across the border, the first product of its QOQ brand, honor, is about to be launched;

3) The supply chain of the mobile phone industry has increased the number of electronic cigarettes, and metal processing, IMD, MIM, injection molding ceramics, equipment, CNC, die casting, polishing equipment, sintering furnaces, injection molding machines and other equipment have increased their turn to electronic cigarettes.

The current era of electronic cigarettes can be described as a hundred schools of thought contending. Just like the era of smartphone copycat machines and brand machines, the quality is uneven, and the homogeneity is serious. Differentiating the function and appearance of electronic cigarette equipment upgrade technology is the magic weapon for future success!

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