l factors that affect the taste of electronic cigarette oil!

Do you feel more and more excited after entering the e-cigarette for a period of time? The cigarette rod is good-looking, the e-liquid is easy to smoke, and it is easy to carry. When you want to smoke, you can just put it on your mouth! With excellent taste, rich layering, good reduction, and high acceptance rate, the most “top” charm of electronic cigarettes is e-liquid!

e-cigarette oil

There are many flavors of e-liquids. At present, the flavors of e-liquids on the market are divided into the following types: tobacco flavor, fruit flavor, mint flavor, herbal flavor and exotic flavor. There are thousands of flavors combined. Moreover, different brands of e-liquid have different tastes for the same flavor. This makes it difficult for us to choose the flavor of e-liquid. In addition, the taste of e-liquid is also affected by raw materials, atomizers, battery power, and voltage.

First of all, let’s talk about raw materials. The raw materials of electronic cigarette oil include flavor, propylene glycol and glycerin. The properties of the essence determine 70% of the taste of the e-liquid. However, if the glycerin in the e-juice is high, the e-juice will be sweeter, but at the same time, the smoke will also increase. If it is too much propylene glycol, there will be a throat hit. If you have pharyngitis, it is recommended not to choose e-liquids with high propylene glycol.

The second is the atomizer. The taste of the e-liquid extracted by different atomizers is different. The atomization effect of the atomizer is different, so the taste is also different. It is necessary to choose the appropriate battery and the appropriate atomizer. In order to give full play to the effect of the atomizer. It is recommended to choose a relatively high-quality atomizer when you can buy an atomizer to have a better experience. The atomizer should be checked and replaced frequently for the atomizing core or heating wire.

Finally, talk about the voltage and power of the battery. Now, many batteries have the function of voltage regulation, which is designed for atomizers with different resistance values. For atomizers with small resistance values, low voltage should be used. In severe cases, the heating wire may be blown. As for the power, it is better to understand. When the power is too low, the atomization effect will decrease, the smoke will be reduced at this time, and the taste will be poor.

Finally, to sum up: How can I experience the best taste of e-liquid? First, buy the e-liquid that suits you, the taste, smoke and taste. You have to choose this yourself. The taste is a subjective thing. As for the choice of flavor, you still have to explore for yourself. Second, choose a good atomizer, it is best to use different atomizers for different flavors. Check and replace the atomizing core regularly. Finally, choose the right voltage for your atomizer and charge it in time!

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